Monday, April 09, 2012

Town Square, October 1964

Let's spend a few moments enjoying Disneyland's Town Square!

See that nerd with the glasses? Well, that's the town square. He is one jive turkey! I like this unusual angle looking toward Main Street Station, with a not-too-busy square. Some work is being done on the station, notice the scaffolding. I am always amazed when I think about how tight money was back in 1954/55, and yet Main Street turned out so beautifully.

Fun Fact: The canon is always fully loaded and ready to fire (in case of hippies).

Same day, different vantage point; folding chairs await the Disneyland Band. Drinking fountain alert! Look at all those benches! Smart visitors know when to slow down, take a break, rest their feet, and soak up the ambiance. Apparently I'm not so smart, because I rarely do that... but I know I should.


Chiana_Chat said...

Love that 2nd pic, wallpaper time! *splot!* An incredible bouffant stands near the fountain in the center. To our left, Stick Thin in Red is walking with a purpose: shopping ahead! Man on the Bench to our right is early for the concert, but does not care; he's intentionally flouting schedules because this is his day off. So there.

The 1st pic is even keener people watching. The old man is talking to the horse. The horse, he don't say nothin'. Cause he got horse sense. *whinny* Tall Drink of Water in Plaid is watching the young lady using her 8mm camera and thinking, "Gee whillikers, I should've got one of those."

Hope they keep the canon ready, for gangstas.

Graffer said...

It looks to me like the Main St Station scaffolding is holding a covered camera or spotlight for a special event.

TokyoMagic! said...

There is also a row of spot lights on top of the train station and some on top of the Main St. buildings in the second pic.

Nancy said...

I noticed those lights too, TM. They seem to take advantage of every inch of the Park. and I noticed a LOT of trees, esp in the Main Street view. Pretty much obscures every building! I wouldnt mind a few less, I must say, tho I am for moving trees, not throwing them out.

I have parked on a bench in this very spot, and have a photo to prove it! It is a great place to meet up with an online friend you are meeting in person for the first time! :-)

Orange Co Native said...

This is just my personal opinion and I think I may have said it before a few months ago. I think Disneyland should replace the flag pole with the bandstand that was suppose to originally have gone there. I can understand not wanting to block the castle when the park just opened, but Disneyland has been open for 57 years now and everyone knows that the castle is at the end of Main Street.

The bandstand would more in keeping with the Main Street of 1910 feel. Anyway, the band would have a place to play rather than have a bunch of chairs scattered around the flagpole as we can see in the photograph.

Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

what's that bloody splotch on the ground next to the bench lower right!?

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I prefer the first photo as far as "wallpaper worthiness". If the Disneyland Band was performing in the scond pic, I might change my mind.

Graffer, I wonder if they were preparing to film a parade (or whatever) for The Wonderful World of Color?

TokyoMagic!, I didn't even notice the row of lights!

Nancy, I am torn in regards to the trees… the big ones look so great, and provide so much nice shade; but they do block the view as well.

OC Native, I don't think I would mind a bandstand in Town Square; in fact it would probably look really great! Something tells me that you shouldn't hold your breath, though.

Anon, that's where a hippie bled out after being shot with the canon!

David said...

It still amazes me how empty the park can be long ago. It looks like the bottom picture was taken very early in the morning -though I'm no CSI expert- but still, it's never that quiet these days.

Chiana_Chat said...

Imagine how much less pressured and stressful it was then.

@ Maj, yeah but I like to imagine sitting there on an easy afternoon and anticipating the band would be assembling soon. :)

Nancy said...

I actually meant the trees along Main Street proper, which do obscure viewing the lovely shop fronts as you stroll by in the STREET (lol, had to get my WDW-ness in).

I am a person who LOVES trees and the shade the provide :--)