Friday, April 13, 2012

Disneyland Wardrobe Department, part 1

Today marks the first in a series of posts that will feature some wonderful vintage photos from the Disneyland wardrobe department! These images were graciously shared by GDB reader "Huck", who also spent lots of time and effort restoring the pictures from their original dark and grainy condition.

All three of today's costumes were worn by employees who worked in the parking lot (circa June 1969). And if you work around that many cars (and frazzled drivers), you want to make sure that you can be seen. Stripes to the rescue! Check out this cute Summer costume; we've seen a cast member actually wearing one like this before. Her name tag is right in the middle, which is unusual.

Here's the Winter version; presumably they were supplied with overcoats or rain gear when necessary (and it IS sometimes necessary!). It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who is constantly photographed with eyes closed.

Huck humorously pointed out how "Devo-esque" this guy looks! Those helmets are pretty cool, I wish I had one. This fellow will help you to get your vehicle in and out of the parking lot quickly, efficiently, and safely! You  can just tell.

Thanks (MANY thanks) once again to Huck! I have lots more great photos from him to share with you.


TokyoMagic! said...

These are terrific!!! I can't wait to see more. Thanks to "Huck" for sharing these and to you Major, for posting them!

Katella Gate said...

Thanks to Huck for generously sharing them... these are valuable references. I look forward to seeing others.

K. Martinez said...

Thanks to Huck for sharing these beautifully restored images. I look forward to seeing others in this series as well. The wide leather watch band worn by the guy definitely reminds me of the era this photo was taken.

JG said...

What a neat idea. Looking forward to more. Thank You!

Don't recall these costumes at all, but cool efficiency is definitely implied, not sure how.

Were these photos intended as archive, or as training references, or quality control (disciplinary) "your stripes are crooked!"?


David said...

The costume people sort of look like a demented version of James Bond characters with Vicki Lawrence as Golden Palace, Terri Garr as Mona Luvsit and Kurt Russell as Hans Gums,the hired Red Hat Killer all starring in Scorpiusclaw.

Anonymous said...

#3 = male candy striper goes to Devo concert.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, I think you're really going to enjoy the upcoming stuff!

Katella, I know Huck is happy to share these with you guys.

K. Martinez, the wide leather watch band looks sort of "Beach Boys" to me.

JG, I assume that these photos were for archive purposes, but am only guessing.

David, I would watch that movie!

Anon, we are ALL Devo.

Melissa said...

I suppose the pith helmet wouldn't fit over the ladies' hairstyles of the day.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Crack that Whip!

Connie Moreno said...

Holy cow, how great is this?!?!?!? I do NOT remember ever seeing those hideous stripes in the parking lot!

Nancy said...

how about those red shoes.....YIKES!