Thursday, April 26, 2012

Merlin's Magic Shop & More, September 1963

Here's a wonderful photo featuring the top of a trash can. Boy oh boy, that is some trash can! You can travel all over the world and never seen another one quite like it. When you are throwing the wrapper of your ice cream sandwich away, do it in style! 

It's also a nice photo of Merlin's Magic Shop. The light is always on at Merlin's.

We can observe a fascinating phenomenon; the sailor is inexorably drawn towards the faux sailing ship. He doesn't even realize it, and yet his feet keep on moving. Why? Pheremones or something; possibly the Coriolis effect too. It's very complicated. I'd explain it, but don't want to confuse you. Thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile, to our left there is a tiny portion of a decorative roofline; any idea what that was part of?


D ticket said...

It should be the souvenir stand, the square blue and white striped one with the pointy top, but the detail is quite different.
This is actually the ticket booth that shows up in your 1966 slides posted April 21, 2010.

Anonymous said...

That sailor looks lonely, no wonder he went to the faux sailing ship, looking for some sea loving people. I wonder, once he was on board, did he say "Ahoy mateys!"

Love your blog and your sense of humor, Major.

Anonymous said...

In the first pic. I see that the lady in the middle of the picture is taking advantage of the short lived fantasy land 3-d experience. While the man on the right is preparing to run from a giant copyrighted radioactive giant lizard.
Thanks for more great pics major.

Scott Hines

Chiana_Chat said...

The sailor man is lured by the Siren Song of the Sea, which Skull Rock is pouring forth. True, he is inland Anaheim, but Skull Rock is cracked.

Or maybe the sailor man is hungry and all he knows to do is seek out a galley. He's about to luck out, if tuna is his dish.

Meanwhile, its policy of leaving a light on must have garnered Merlin's Magic Shop its share of bewildered Motel 6 habituees.

Debbie V. said...

Love these.
That Merlin's shop photo has a great view of one of those secret passages I love. Can anyone tell me what it says? "Exit to ?" I'm guessing Frontierland.
Also - the ride just to the left of Merlin's - is that Peter Pan?
Thanks for my morning smile.

Major Pepperidge said...

D ticket, you must be right! April 21, 2010… sounds like you know my blog better than I do!

Anon, it IS a little odd that the sailor isn't with two or three buddies. And you don't need to be a sailor to say "Ahoy mateys"!, I say that all the time, probably 70 or 80 times a day. Because I am actually a parrot.

Scott Hines, are you sure that the man on the right isn't about to be devoured by a giant mantis? Those things were still around in 1963.

Chiana, there seems to have been a number of places where the lights were on all day. Not sure why, except that maybe they didn't have to remember to turn them on when it got dark?

Debbie V, I love those secret passages too. That one goes to Tomorrowland! And I believe that you are correct, that is Peter Pan's Flight.

Anonymous said...

Major; Yes it does lead to Tomorrowland, but the grotto with Snow White and the singing wishing well is just on the other side.


outsidetheberm said...

And... it looks like the barrel sign on the left side of your second photo offers us show times for the elusive singing Pirate Trio! Those three 'pirate lasses' that nobody seems to have ever captured on film! The pirate cove hid them well, apparently.

Douglas McEwan said...

It has never occurred to me that those LARGE archways clearly labeled as pathways to the adjoining lands were "Secret" Passages. Pretty poorly-kept secrets.

Gazing at the Merlins Magic Shop photo, looking as it did when my little brother purchased a crystal Ball there, I just found myself wondering if the young Steve Martin was inside at the time, demonstrating tricks. Now THEN you'd have a PHOTO! (Though it's a pretty cool picture anyway.)