Friday, January 16, 2009

Frontierland, January 5 1957

Today's slides are a bit dark, having been taken as the sun was nearly below the horizon. But I like 'em anyhow, so now you have to suffer! Mwa-ha-ha!

Fort Wilderness looks like it was dipped in gold (or maybe sprinkled with pixie dust), while part of the Indian Village is mostly in silhouette. Love the scalps hanging from the topmost poles of the teepee!

Rainbow Ridge glows in the last rays of the afternoon. Soon the lights will all come on inside the little buildings, and the music and chatter will continue as usual. The thought of riding that dark-green Mine Train at night is just too cool to even contemplate!

Here's a look at a birch bark lodge (see the sign description here); Wait until you see the finished basement, with full bar and pool table!


Thufer said...

wow, really nice photos.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the fort being that big and exposed. It looks larger some how.

And I see a contrail in the sky maybe from one of those newfangled jet airplanes.

Great photos with interesting lighting.


Katella Gate said...

Gorgeous picture of the fort. To use a thread-bare word from collage art class: Evocative.

Chiana said...

Yes! Evocative. I keeps a-starin' at 'em, like ol' Davy at a bar (after a dry spell). Gosh to be tere! But, this is the next best thing. Thanks Maj, this bunch is a hit with me :)

walterworld said...

Was there a friggin' Hogan in Disneyland? Wow, that smokehouse looks a bit pre-fab!

Nancy said...

these are so pretty...i love the lighting of sunset : )