Monday, January 05, 2009

Frontierland in Black and White

I've got three black and white photos for you today, and even though they have no color, we've used space-age techniques that keep the fun intact.

Here are three nice folks enjoying their day and posing in front of the Bertha Mae Keelboat. I sure wish I could tell what those flyers and brochures are in that lady's hand. And I would kill to have one of those life savers with Bertha's moniker painted on! Something tells me that the real keelboats from Davy Crockett's era did not have quite as many folksy/gingerbread details... it's like a mini-Mark Twain!

Here's a closer look at the various flyers that the woman is holding... one of them contains information about the different ticket books you can purchase. Another is one of "Greatest construction show on earth" flyers, a way of making you glad that everything was behind walls and covered with scaffolding!

The Conestoga Wagons gave guests an authentic, bumpy ride around Frontierland. Handy for removing fillings. Apparently this one is headed for Oregon. But guess what? It will never get there.

And finally, here is a candid shot of the Indian performers as they warm up. Pre-show jitters, you know. I am wondering if that contraption that the two Indians are looking at is a cradle?? I've seen some very young performers, and footage of one of the women carrying a baby.


outsidetheberm said...

Wow, these are really nice.

We'll get right on finding one of those Bertha Mae life preservers for you...

Daveland said...

The clarity on these is great; did you get a new scanner?

Anonymous said...

The Conestoga Wagons are headin' for Oregon, but you're right, they'll never get there. That's right, they bust!