Thursday, August 03, 2006

Casey Junior, 1956

It is hard to believe that Anaheim was ever as sleepy and rural as it appears in this wonderful shot taken from the Skyway 1n 1956. Little Casey Junior is chugging away over the patchwork crazy quilt of what was by then called Storybook Land (rather than the "Canal Boats of the World"). The Skyway opened only one week after Storybook Land (in June), for those of you interested in that kind of thing!


Amazon Belle said...

I love the patchwork quilt concept made of dessert plants. What is unique to me about this photo, and so many of your early park photos, is the visibility of the power lines. I always thought the real world was blocked from the first day. I wonder what the little blue shed is in the background?

Amazon Belle said...

Oops I spelled desert wrong. But a patchwork quilt made of dessert would be a dream come true too :)

Matterhorn1959 said...

I love the view in the background of the surrounding world. Maybe at that time it was not as jarring as it is now with hotels, motels and restaurants and their large signs.