Saturday, August 19, 2006

Adventureland 1955

Here's an unusual detail from Adventureland. One of my few slides from 1955! Is that one of the Jungle Cruise skippers up on the balcony? Maybe he is taking a break...spending so much time in the jungle is tiring work. And of course he probably has malaria or dengue fever.

Does anybody know how many upstairs rooms are in use at Disneyland? Walt's apartment and Club 33 are famous, But I've always wondered if some of the other upper levels are in use, as offices, employee lounges, or just for storage.


Tinker Bell said...

Great picture! Well, there are a lot actually. Main Street's are used as stock rooms, most of the windows are covered over, but occasionally a CM or two would sneak a peak out, myself included! Adventureland's 2nd floor has offices as well as a portion of a break room (not sure if that's still in use). And in NOS actually they use the basement since the upper floors are taken by Club 33 and the Gallery.

Matterhorn1959 said...

What a great shot. I love the colors and the thatch roof. And the Jungle Cruise skipper just adds more to the image. To answer your question, I would think Amazon Belle would know the most.

Amazon Belle said...

Tinker bell nailed a lot of them! I can remember that during the mid 80 - early 90's the following upstairs locations were used:

Main Street:
• Main Street Opera House – Disneyland Park operators as in "Please call the…” and Publicity, and…
• City Hall - Director of Operations & Main Street/Center Stage Operations
• Emporium – Main Street Merchandise
• Not visible behind Main Street near Jungle Cruise Boat Storage – Golden Horseshoe Dressing Room & Tahitian Terrace Dressing Room(s)

• Adventureland Hotel – Parade Guest Control leads office
• Bizarre – Adventureland Merchandise leads office
• Not visible – New Orleans Scheduling office above Bengal B-B-Q & Indiana Jones merchandise shop

• Pendleton Shop – Stock Room
• The Wheelhouse – Golden Horseshoe Dressing Room
• Riverbelle Terrace – Adventureland/Frontierland Operations & Scheduling, New Orleans/Bear (Critter) Country Operations & Golden Horseshoe Dressing Rooms

New Orleans Square:
• Walt’s apartment before the Disney Gallery – Tokyo Disneyland Planning Offices

• Don’t remember if there were any offices or stockrooms upstairs…

• Don’t remember if there were any offices or stockrooms upstairs…

• America Sings – I don’t truly remember but it seemed to me that there were Tomorrowland offices* and Disability & Worker’s Compensation upstairs there, and...
* Tomorrowland’s Operation Office was located behind Circle Vision with a door leading out to the Tomorrowland Terrace and the Materhorn

Anonymous said...

Amazon belle covered most of them. Fantasyland has a stockroom above Tinkerbell's Toy Shop. Toontown has a stockroom above the Five & Dime. One of the largest ones in fact. Tomorrowland has a stockroom above the Star Trader.