Saturday, August 12, 2006

Autopia and the E.P. Ripley, 1957

Here's a wonderful photo, a 1957 view taken from the Tomorrowland Skyway loading platform showing the Autopia as well as the E.P. Ripley comin' round the bend. Of course, in Disneyland the trains are almost always comin' round the bend. Look how the brass and paintwork gleam on the locomotive! Love those yellow passenger cars as well.

The Autopia looks pretty busy. The plantings are still sparse...looks like there's been some landscaping and earth moving since 1955, those hills weren't there originally, I believe. The cool sign advertising the Autopia's sponsor, Richfield, is reminiscent of the artwork seen in Disneyland television programs such as "Man in Space" and "Mars and Beyond".


Tangaroa said...

God! What amazing color!!!!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Great photograph. I like the artistic framing and look of the slide. The photographer must have been a pro or a really accomplished amateur.