Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three From August 20, 1995

Here are three more pictures from those crazy 1990's. Everyone drove a Model T, FDR told us that the only thing we needed to fear was zombies, and a TV show called "Welcome Back Kotter" taught us all to laugh again.

If it wasn't for that lady wearing jeans shorts, I might be able to pass this first picture off as one taken in the 1950's. Those blinders make the horse look badass; the only thing that would make him look cooler is if he was smoking a cigarette. And so, I will be starting a Kickstarter fundraiser to provide smokes to the Disneyland horses. Please give!

Here's something bittersweet (mostly bitter).... these photos are from a lot that is dated "8-20-95" - a Sunday. Which I mention because on "8-21-95" - the very next day - the Peoplemover closed forever. Strange that it closed in the Summer. I will pause for a moment so that we can all weep in private.

Meanwhile, it may have been crowded over in Tomorrowland, but there is plenty of seating over at the River Belle Terrace. Let's eat now, and then go ride "Pirates"!


K. Martinez said...

PeopleMover. Yes, let us weep. Now can we please tear down the tracks and move forward into the future with something new.

Nice River Belle Terrace pic. My favorite breakfast spot all of Disneyland Park.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I would put up with a world dressed in jeans shorts (jorts)if it meant I could have my peoplemover back!!! (but only the color ones, not the white with stripes)

Anonymous said...

The horses demanded the blinders to avoid seeing the jorts.

Bill in Denver

Anonymous said...

And with that closing, Tomorrowland began its decline inot mediocrity.

Tom said...

I'd be okay with tearing down the Peoplemover (weep) tracks if they'd get Tomorrowland back in gear, clear out the last vestiges of that Jules Verne thing they have going on and retool the whole place into a fresh new optimistic look at what the future might hold. Like nanotechnology, medical advances, new building materials and whatnot.

Omnispace said...

To me the PeopleMover tracks are such a graceful design that I would hate to see them torn down. It would be like removing the superstructure from the Theme Building at LAX. With the tracks gone, Tomorrowland is going to feel even more forlorn and empty. What they need is a new PeopleMover ride using them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a milestone picture. A sad one, but a milestone just the same.

That's kind of an odd elevation in the Riverbelle terrace shot, almost like the photographer was on someone's shoulders or standing on the fence.

Was the odd "Added" Tarzan tree built in the concourse yet?

This area is now cut way down to get under the bridge to the POC, so it's even harder to get this "aerial" view of the terrace today.

Thank you Major.


TokyoMagic! said...

I agree with Ominispace 100% percent. If they can't actually put ride vehicles up there, they should do something with it. Let people walk around up least on part of it! They could even put Speedramps on parts of it and make it more Jetsons-like. It could serve as an alternate entrance into the StarTrader, the Starcade and Innoventions.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I can only dream that the Imagineers will think of something awesome and not necessarily based on a cartoon.

Alonzo, I totally agree, those '67 colors for the Peoplemover vehicles were just the right accent for Tomorrowland. Same with the Skyway buckets.

Bill, (and Alonzo), this is the first time I have come across the word "jorts"!

Anon, unfortunately there is truth in what you say.

Tom, I can't decide if I want the tracks gone or not… when I try to picture Tomorrowland without them, it is weird. But it IS dumb that they are sitting there unused.

Omnispace, see my previous comment! Yes, the theme building at LAX is definitely a cousin to that track. Tony Baxter has announced that there will be NO return of the Peoplemover, so I don't know what will happen.

JG, my friend had a habit of standing on chairs and benches when taking photos! I hadn't noticed though, so… good eyes! As for the Tarzan tree, the movie didn't come out until 1999, so the tree wasn't there yet.

TokyoMagic!, they should let guests rollerskate up there! Or use Segways. No railings!

Anonymous said...

How about a Peoplemover walk through?

K. Martinez said...

How about a PeopleRemover?

Major Pepperidge said...

Anon, I guess the ultimate Peoplemovers are feet, when you think about it!

K. Martinez, yes, as they head into the tunnel, they won't suspect that it is actually an abattoir. Burger patties come out the other end.

Nancy said...

I must agree with Omnispace. Bring back the Peoplemover.

I like River Belle Terrace, too. Is it still like a cafeteria where you get your meal, I wonder (have not been there since the 50th in 2005...waaa!)