Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Matterhorn, June 25 1966

I love it when slides have exact dates written on them. Thanks to Jason's Disneyland Almanac I can find specific info about that day, and it helps to put me in the photo! Hey look, I'm almost positive that's me in the bobsled. Jason tells us that June 25th was a Saturday; the park opened at 9 in the morning and closed at 1 o'clock.

It looks pretty busy... the attendance was 46,659. It was June, but only reached a high of 77º. Perfect! The low was only 59º. Now you know!


Anonymous said...

It might be my imagination...but are there people on top of the Matterhorn in the second pic? The crowd seems to be looking up toward the peak as if there is something to watch. What a treat that would be - a summit attempt before lunch time!

Bill in Denver (where we always try to summit before noon to avoid lightning strikes during the afternoon thunder storms)

K. Martinez said...

Nice shot of the bobsled bridge just off Matterhorn Way in the first pic.

Does anyone know if this bridge now has railings like the bridge on the Tomorrowland side of the Matterhorn does since the major refurb?

Bill in Denver, I see a mountain climber near the peak in the second pic.

Snow White Archive said...

The climbers sure seem to have the attention of the people on the bench.

Major Pepperidge said...

Bill, there are definitely climbers near the top of the Matterhorn. Hans and Otto are at it again!

K. Martinez, the bridge does have ugly railings now, unfortunately.

Snow White Archives, it probably helped that they played a pre-recorded announcement over the PA system telling everyone to look at the Matterhorn!

Debbie V. said...

I could have easily been in DL this day - it's the first weekend after my birthday June 19. My parents often took me and my best friend to DL for our birthdays. And we didn't go on Sundays...so I think it's me in the bobsled too!