Monday, December 17, 2012


It's time for some leftuggies™! 

This first photo is a cute one, with a dad and two of his kids walking in Town Square. There's the Mad Hatter to the right, and the Hills Bros. Coffee Garden ahead. Some of you might remember the girl from this Knott's Berry Farm picture!

From September 1962 we have this photo of Storybook Land, including a canal boat ("Katrina") and the Casey Jr. Circus Train.

Tom Sawyer had a treehouse over on his eponymous island, and it is pretty sweet. Any treehouse that has stairs leading up to it already gets two additional gold stars from "Treehouse Monthly" magazine. Also, Tom's environmentally-conscious reuse of wooden crates ("Davis Worm Powder"??) for the exterior shows that he cares. I'm sure that Tom, Huck Finn, and Joe Harper required the use of secret passwords to gain access to the treehouse.

Here endeth another serving of leftuggies™.


Chuck said...

Blast! You've trademarked "leftuggies" just when I was set to release an entire line of lingerie and foot powder under that name.

It'll cost plenty to change the packaging and promotional materials. I'll have to reshoot the commercials, too, and I don't know how I'll ever be able to deconflict Lady Gaga and Hans Blix's schedules to get them together again.

Ruined, I tell you - RUINED!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

With the things going on in the world this past week I'll take some faded leftuggies and thank you for posting them!!

Love that second photo, I hear Katrina was a stout ship and went well with the "Waves". And don't it feel good.

Melissa said...

Where's Little Sister and her matching dress? Mom must have taken her to the bathroom.

And why would anyone want to powder a worm?

K. Martinez said...

With all that's happened, I could use a dose of GDB too.

Mad Hatter is the first shop I go to when visiting the Park. Always gotta have that hat for protection from the sun which seems to be blazing with all the brightness in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I looked closer and the rest of the board says Worm Powder for Horses. Having a tree house with residual horse medication embedded in the walls was the early "lead in wall paint" motiff that eventually created the EPA.

Leftuggies™ are always a chance to learn something new.

Thanks Major for the neat pics!

Bill in Denver

Melissa said...

OK, why would a horse want to powder a worm? ;)

before I remembered what a Leftuggie was, I saw the first picture and through it was something about tugging your kids to the left when they tried to wander away.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I expect to be rubbing elbows with Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, and Mark Zuckerberg in just a few months once Leftuggies Inc. begins to wield its might!!

Alonzo, imagine being Katrina Leskanich and having to sing that song for the 10,000th time.

Melissa, little sis appears in one more photo, yet to be posted! Also, powdered worms add that special something to any recipe.

K. Martinez, save some money and bring a hat! I'd imagine that even the cheapest hats at the Mad Hatter are expensive. Unless you are working on a hat collection!

Bill, it's not just for horses anymore. Like "angel dust"… a tranquilizer for horses, but it turns people into raving maniacs!

Melissa, when a worm's skin gets chafed or irritated, a medicated powder will help to soothe. And maybe in the future I shouldn't just assume that all readers of this blog remember what Leftuggies are!

K. Martinez said...

Major, It's a tradition and I collect 'em.

Anonymous said...

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walterworld said...

Mmmmm Leftuggies :)

Not sure why, but these days Tom's treehouse is completely without the plastic leaves leaves that once adorned it; even on branches that are too far out for the kids to grab at!

Melissa said...

Walterworld, they probably stopped treating them with worm powder, and the plastic worms ate them!