Thursday, December 13, 2012

New York World's Fair, July 1964

It's been over a month since I have posted anything from the '64 World's Fair. So here we go!

Over at Sinclair's "Dinoland", a full-sized Brontosaurus (did you know that he moved?) attracted Fair guests by the kajillions. By 1964, the name "Brontosaurus" had fallen out of favor with scientists who used the more accurate "Apatosaurus"; but it was too late, the public knew and loved Brontos (and had a hunger for Brontosaurus burgers, which contributed to their extinction).

Out in front of the Maryland pavilion, you could find this nice model of the U.S. Frigate Constellation, which the sign tells us was the "...First ship of the U.S. Navy, launched in Baltimore in 1797. Oldest ship afloat in the world, now being restored in Baltimore. Replica built to 1/15th scale - contribution will be welcome." It appears that the pool of water is lined with thousands of clam or mussel shells. And maybe a few pennies.

Looking across the Grand Central Parkway, we can see just how massively huge the building that housed General Motor's "Futurama" was. Notice how the people in line look and smell like ants.

This unusual view was taken in the shadow of the Eastman Kodak pavilion, looking toward the Unisphere. There were some exterior exhibits, including the display visible to our right that has the heading "Great Movie Stars On Film". On the other side is a display, "Great Movie Stars Not On Film".


TokyoMagic! said...

Speaking of Apatosauri, I was just reading something last night about the Apatosaurus structure in Cabazon (CA) and how it now contains a museum that explains to visitors that man walked side by side with the dinosaurs and that dinosaurs existed only 6,000 years ago instead of 150 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. What the......?????

Chuck said...

The people in the Futarama photo taste like ants, too. Mmmm...lemony.

Chuck said...

Make that "Futurama." I had confused the General Motors exhibit with a much smaller display on Count Yoshinori Futara, co-founder of the Boy Scouts of Japan. Simple mistake, but no doubt a common one.

Melissa said...

I get it confused with the Fuddarama, which showcased the latest in wabbit-hunting technology.

Anonymous said...

TokyoMagic, I read the other day that there are also folks that believe there were dinosaurs on the Ark with Noah.

And ants.

Bill in Denver

K. Martinez said...

I wish I could've seen the General Motors Ant Farm exhibit.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I knew an older lady who truly believed that fossils were put in rock layers by the Devil. Why bring science into it? Meanwhile, it sounds like the famous Cabazon dinos have been ruined.

Chuck, I am *always* confusing Futurama with Count Yoshinori Futara. Also, I have heard that ants taste lemony (it's the formic acid!), but I don't plan to find out for myself.

Melissa - are you sure you aren't thinking about "Suturama", a celebration of surgical wounds from around the world?

Bill, i thought that the dinos didn't make it onto the Ark for some reason, which is why they are extinct. Kind of like unicorns.

Anonymous said...

My a(u)nt had a dinosaur, or maybe she WAS a dinosaur, can't recall for sure.

Now I want a brontoburger.

LOL, thanks Major. ANoTher excursion into crazy.

Best regards.


Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, that exhibit was impressive, the ants drove tiny Ford Mustangs.

JG, I can't believe that no major burger chain has introduced a Bronto Burger!

Nancy said...

You guys are on a roll today!!

Great photos, too!!

dennis said...

Major, please don't wait a month to post more Worlds Fair pictures!
Happy Holidays!
Dennis, Levittown,LI,NY