Friday, December 21, 2012

More Wigglevision!

I've tried my hand at creating a few more Wigglevision pictures from stereo slides; results may vary depending on where you live!

From a friend's personal Viewmaster disk comes this awesome photo of a sultry hula dancer from the Tahitian Terrace. Wowee-wow!

She's reaching out just for me!

Walt's anniversary gift to Lillian was certainly unique; and at least it wasn't a set of frying pans or a vacuum cleaner!

Let it be known that only on GDB do you get to see a wiggling petrified tree trunk.

The adorable Carnation milk truck looks great even when it is just sitting still.

But when you fire up the little Model T engine, it springs to life! Notice that this Wigglevision example shows some of that weird stretchy quality that I am not crazy about. I couldn't figure out how to remedy the effect, so we're all stuck with it.

Hmmm, this truck looks strangely familiar. I think I saw it tailing me on the 405 freeway earlier today.

This 3-D effect is pretty good! It's almost as if it is wagging its tail because it's so happy to see you.

Will there be more Wigglevision in the future? Only my Magic 8-ball knows for sure.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

Nice job Major!
#1 queue the hawaii 5-o theme in the background.
#2 a little bit rock n roll

#3&4 is a new way to make ice cream. 007 style, shaken not stirred.

Daveland said...

That hula shot is a classic! For some reason, I am hungry for jello now.

Anonymous said...

Major and Wigglevision survived the Mayan curse!!

I will now spend the rest of the day in my bunker, eating jello, watching the hula dancer tempt from her Terrace.

Bill in Denver

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the hula dancer and so would my Dad, bless his soul.

I now sense my Mom's elegantly manicured hand behind the reason why we never ever went in the Tahitian Terrace.

I wonder why they don't re-open it? Tiki is a "thing" again and they could import the menu from Tangaroa Terrace, which is really good. That part of the Park could use a place to sit and rest with a tall cool wahine.

Thank you Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, I love the Hawaii 5-0 theme, but I think I'd rather hear the music from the Tiki Room!

Daveland, I think the wigglevision turned out a bit too "frantic", but the original photo is so good that it works anyway.

Bill, now I regret that I sold everything I own! I've got to stop doing that.

JG, who wouldn't love that hula dancer? Yowza! I can only assume that money is the reason why we haven't seen a new Tahitian Terrace - all those dancers cost bucks!

K. Martinez said...

I think I've done just about everything there was to do at Disneyland on past and present visits, but Tahitian Terrace is one of a few things I never experienced.

I've seen lots of these types of shows when visiting relatives in Hawaii, but always thought I could experience the Tahitian Terrace later. Guess I wrong.

Major, The "still-life" alternatives are greatly appreciated.

Rich T. said...

What an awesome set of Wiggle-Vision!

That tail-wagging truck is the best one yet.

The "stretchy" truck is cool, too: it reminds me of the good ol' "rubber pencil" trick.

Magic 8 Ball said...

It is certain.

walterworld said...

So cool to actually have a space/place in time brought back to life again as if one was standing there once more after all that time. Etc.

Thanks Major for the amazing advancement we now know as 'Wigglevision'.

Melissa said...

My milk shake brings trucks to the yard.