Thursday, December 27, 2012

Keel Boat & Settler's Cabin, January 1960

Here are two more views from the Mark Twain....

That Keel Boat looks especially small from up here as it follows the Twain's choppy wake; that's a good idea, let some other boat find any snags or sand bars. To our right you can see a small portion of Cascade Peak's construction, including what might be a small coffer dam. I wonder what purpose  those pipes that parallel the river had?

Just before Jebediah had his chest pierced by an arrow, he had thoughtfully cleared away some of the brush surrounding his cabin. That way passers-by can enjoy a good look at his corpse and his burning home. What a guy!


Rich T. said...

Love these -- that shot of the Keel Boat is one of the most fun and unusual park photos I've ever seen!

Snow White Archive said...

Jebediah chose some snazzy pants to die in.

K. Martinez said...

I still miss them Keel Boats.

It's also nice to see Jebediah's corpse again after all these years. It's this rawness of life that's missing from Frontierland today.

The blue hue in the upper half of these photos is kinda cool too.

JG said...

Major, I think those pipes might have to do with removing river water from the excavation for Cascade Peak or the train track.

The vertical "boards" in the water are steel sheet pilings, used to create a cofferdam to block out water from a construction area and allow digging and concrete placement in dry(er) conditions.

After the interlocking pilings are placed (driven in with a pile driver), the water is pumped out. Since the piles are not perfectly watertight, pumps usually run, at least intermittently, until work is complete.

The boat looks like they are having fun in the wake of the big ship. Probably MT, i guess.

I'll bet Jeb was dyin' to wear those blue dungarees. You can see how hot he got over it.


Anonymous said...

Jeb is killing it in those Levis.

I've seen those cofferdams built by pounding those steel posts into the ground, but I've always wondered how they pull them back out?

Bill in Denver

Daveland said...

Major - Better hurry up and put a donate button on here to cash in on that casino money! One of these days, we need to do a time-lapse animated gif of Jebediah over the years.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Wigglevision!!!!

Bill in Denver

JG said...

@Bill in Denver.

Sheet pilings can be pulled straight up using a crane, but are often abandoned in place when used as shoring for zero-lot line conditions, since the building basement walls are built right up against them.

When this is done, the tops are usually cut off a couple feet below the ground surface and the sidewalk and planters built over the cut edges.

In this case, the piles were undoubtedly pulled straight up by a crane with sufficient reach. Where that would be placed is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks JG!


Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T., well, I think I've seen some pretty amazing photos over the years, but I do like this one!

Snow White Archive, there is nothing worse than being shot with an arrow while wearing your nice pants.

K. Martinez, ME TOO! Meanwhile, I guess too many moms complained about the dead bodies.

JG, your theory sounds like a good one. At least I got the coffer dam (or is it cofferdam?) right! And Jeb was wearing Jordache jeans!

Bill, today we are all going to learn lots about cofferdams.

Daveland, ha ha! I've already clicked on that button and given my PIN, SS# and other relevant info. And you are right… if I wasn't so lazy, there are lots of details that I would love to examine over the years to see how they changed.

Anonymous said...

Major, wearing jeans like that would make anyone's Jord ache. Mine is aching right now thinking about it.