Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three From August 1964

Here's a random selection of photos from August 1964 - each one taken in a different "land"! 

Over in Adventureland, Jim and Pete take a break. Nice blue argyle socks, Jim! Suede shoes too, cool. Pretty dapper for a day at Disneyland. I like the sculptural details on the façade of the Bazaar.

Pete and Jim take another break, this time in the shade of a tree in Tomorrowland. This picture is interesting because they are looking in the direction of the Flying Saucers attraction, just visible in the background.

Jim and Pete take a third break by completely submerging themselves in the Rivers of America!


D-ticket said...

I like the shield shaped sign behind them that says Big Game Shoot-C coupon or 25¢-Empty the Gun.

Pic 3- They might be taking a break ON the Mark Twain, there are a few folks with hats on sitting on chairs.

Whoever was documenting this Perfect Day at Disneyland for the 2 chaps may have waited for them to go around the Rivers to get one more shot of them doing what they do best, very little.

Rich T. said...

Your closing line for this post made my week. I love these guys -- they should do cranberry juice ads!

Debbie V. said...

Pic 1: I so miss those Hush Puppies on the guy on the left - I know you can still buy them but they are just not the same. I'll bet those in the picture were made in the USA too.

Anonymous said...

If Jim and Pete are on the Mark Twain deck as it comes around the bend, that means there was at least one photo of them moving.

Bill in Denver

K. Martinez said...

Whether front or back view, Jim is sitting to the right of Pete in both images. I wonder if it's like that in other photos taken of them.

Anonymous said...

Good on 'D ticket' to recognize the Big Game Shoot background. That was going to be my comment.

--Former CM of Big Game Shoot

Nancy said...

Looks like they were having a fine day at Disneyland....probably contemplating a ride on the saucers!

Beautiful image of the falls...wish that I was there!