Monday, November 05, 2012

More Matterhorn, August 1963

This picture is very blue, but don't let it get you down! Think of blue skies, blue birds, blue-raspberry Slurpees, and girls with blue eye-shadow. There, that's better! If I didn't already know that this particular photo was from 1963, I would have guessed that it was taken shortly after the faux mountain opened. It appears to be a darker gray than it was later on, and the snow line looks like the original (higher) level. 

I really love this picture of guests standing in line for a chance to take a thrilling bobsled ride! I wonder if those two people looking right at us are friends, or if they just happened to notice the photographer as he captured a bobsled's icy splashdown. In any case, this is one of those photos where it is fun to do a bit of vintage people-watching.


steve2wdw said...

I wonder what the Matterhorn would look like if it had been constructed by today's rockwork team. We've seen what miracles have been performed in Carsland, the Fantasyland Expansion and Expedition Everest, so it would be interesting to see the current Imagineers take on this classic mountain.

Melissa said...

All the way to the right in the second picture is an example of the classic Reverse Babushka.

Chuck said...

I can hear the yodeling from here.

Anonymous said...

That Matterhorn picture with the skyway is brilliant. So clear and sharp.

Eventually, I will have a collection with every inch of travel, both directions, ha.

I really like the bobsled queue shot, that particular stretch was the hardest, so close, yet, still so much yet to go inside the covered shelter. I usually went on the tomorrowland side since, early in the day, that line often seemed shortest, and the view of the submarine lagoon was more engaging than the back of the castle.

I remember how tiresome the "Alice" sound effects became after about a hundred caterpillars went through that entry door, hearing the 'WHOO-HOOO-HOOO-HOOO" voice effect before the door slammed, grating on the nerves, even though I like Alice too.

On the whole, I thought the tomorrowland side was the best side on which to wait.

Thank you Major, for illustrating another vivid memory for me.


Rich T. said...

Check out that one bobsled perfectly framed by an opening in Skyway tower!

@Anonymous: I love that sound at the finale of Alice, but you're right -- I remember how loud and annoying it was when I had to hear it dozens of times while in that section of the line for the Bobsleds!

Took me a while to realize the screaming doors were Goofy's trademark yell played at different speeds...

K. Martinez said...

One of the things I like to do when I see a pic of the Matterhorn is to look for all bobsleds in action that are visible. These two images are great for that.

Nanook said...

Melissa- Yeah; I was gonna say it looks as if she just stepped out of her kitchen, having just finished cleaning the floor with Spic and Span, grabbed her purse, sweater and cigarettes-?, and then high-tailed it over to The Happiest Place On Earth for some well-deserved fun. That - or she cares little about her appearance. And considering her close proximity to the Kodak Picture Spot - Horrors-! (I certainly hope she changed into her 'sensible shoes').

Major Pepperidge said...

Steve, do you think the Matterhorn would look much different? The rock work seems to work pretty well to me, but maybe todays rock artisans could really do something amazing.

Melissa, I got a gold medal years ago for a perfect Reverse Babushka.

Chuck, maybe your fillings are picking up AM radio?

JG, your comment about hearing that "whoo-hooo-hooo-hooo" sound makes me wonder how crazy it must make the cast members who have to hear it all day long. How about hearing "When You Wish Upon a Star" over at the castle - one of my favorite songs - over and over and over. Maybe your brain tunes it out after a while.

Rich T, I didn't notice that bobsled… good eyes!

K. Martinez, it's the details that make photos like these so much fun.

Nanook, I still think that lady looks more well-dressed than 99% of the people you see there today!

K. Martinez said...

Major - I worked the Haunted Castle dark ride at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk many years ago. I remember after working on the ride all day, I'd still hear the repetitive witch cackling at night in my darkened bedroom while trying to sleep.

Melissa said...

Working in a department store for a single Christmas season will cure you of ever wanting to hear "Jingle Bells" again.

Anonymous said...

@ RichT, I can't remember exactly when I figured out that AIW effect noise was the "Goofy Scream", but it certainly is. I enjoyed it more after figuring that out.

Goofy's Scream is the "Wilhelm Scream" of Disney Studios. >>

After it's incorporation into both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the Wilhelm effect is in other ride effects at Disneyland too, and it's apparently in several other Disney/Pixar pics as well.