Friday, August 24, 2012

Tomorrowland, May 1964

Yay, it's my favorite place ever, Tomorrowland in the 1960's! 

Look at that gleaming yellow monorail... it looks like a giant mechanical shark that has eaten a bunch of lucky people. I've always liked how the support columns are all business (i.e. minimal and vaguely futuristic) above the water, but then they are carefully disguised as rock and coral for those riding through "liquid space" in the submarines.

Hey, I think I'm getting this watermark thing down. Only slightly annoying now, hopefully. Anyway, I never grow weary of photos showing the Flying Saucers. Note how everyone is torquing their bodies around in an effort to send their saucer skittering in the desired direction! From what I've seen online, this giant air hockey table looks like it was way more fun than Luigi's Flying Tires is over at Disney California Adventure (sadly).


Nanook said...

Monorail Yellow never looked lovelier, sailing high above the submarine lagoon with an uncharacteristically deep blue So. California sky as its backdrop. Wow-! Most impressive.

Chiana_Chat said...

Wow clearly the saucy girl in the saucer means business! Wonder what her boyfriend did wrong.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great shot of the rarely seen banana in the sky! I like it a lot
(as lloyd would say).

In shot 2 the young lady looks very intense. Her mini beehive is so streamlined. I'll bet it is aerodynamically superior for maximum ramming speed.

Thanks, well done.

Rich T. said...

Beautiful shots! That monorail definitely looks like a predator. BTW, I don't even notice the watermark anymore.

I think Luigi's Flying Tires has gotten an undeserved bad rap from fans; I love the ride! They're not as manic as the Saucers were, but piloting a personal hovercraft is still awwwwesommme!!!!!

Nancy said...

so cool...Monorail Yellow always steals the show!!

Planning on Disneyland again in 2014 and will definitely be looking forward to piloting my own hovercraft!!! Never got a chance on the original Flying Saucers

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, a blue sky and a sunny day always makes for a much better photo, without a doubt! Imagine the same picture on an overcast day. 54% less awesome according to dentists.

Chiana, her boyfriend spun the teacup too fast even though she begged him to stop. Now it's PAYBACK TIME!

Alonzo, she looks so comfortable on that flying saucer that I'm betting her beehive 'do hides a pair of antennae.

Rich T., I'm glad the watermark is less bothersome… I'll keep tweaking it. And I admit that I am still really looking forward to experiencing the hovering sensation for myself!

Nancy, very cool that you are planning a trip to Disneyland. 2014 will be here before you know it!

K. Martinez said...

This used to be such a dramatic entrance into Disneyland. As the monorail entered the park through a grove of trees, then glided over the submarine lagoon there would be an immediate sensory overload of sights and sounds from the activity in Tomorrowland and Matterhorn Mountain.

When I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel a few times in the 70s, this was the way I entered the park. I loved it!

walterworld said...

K. Martinez: That's my story exactly. You were officially in Disneyland as soon as your Monorail (hopefully Yellow) glided out over the waters of the Subamrine Lagoon.

P.S. The Hotel was such a cool place in the 70's, and having the Monorail be your first and last ride was awesome..