Friday, August 10, 2012

More Instamatic Pix

It's time for some more Instamatic photos, snapped by my friend Mr. X back when he was a teenager. The collection of photos ranges from around 1964/5 into the early 1970's.

Here's a view taken as a Skyway bucket headed toward the Fantasyland station (having just passed through the Matterhorn). Below, the old single bobsleds await lucky passengers. From what I've heard, the brand new bobsleds leave a lot to be desired. The Fantasyland Autopia is just visible, and sharp-eyed humans will also see the Motor Boat Cruise and a bit of the Monorail.

Another picture just a little further along the Skyway cable... I noticed that the roof of the Bobsled queue builiding is a more natural wood color here, as opposed to a greenish hue in the previous photo. Now you get a clear look at the four-car red Monorail, as well as the Motor Boat load area, which appears to be waterless. 

Now for a picture taken from the Monorail looking out at the entrance, with plenty of cars below. You can still see some 50's models down there, and at least one Mustang. I can't help but notice the posters, even though they are tiny and far away. Golden Horseshoe, Flying Saucers, Art of Animation, and what might be the Grand Canyon Diorama are the few that I can identify.


Nancy said...

Neat stuff today. Enjoying the Matterhorn's Christmas star and all the cool cars below. What is that tall over in Adventureland there to the left behind that Main Street shop roof?

Really enjoying the Motor Boat Cruise photo, dont often see all the boats lined up like that and a Skyway view is always a plus :) Glad they caught the side of the passing cab as well.

Those two passenger bobsleds look a little stubby to me. I like the look of the 4-people ones, but they are tough on the body (I only took the chance once each time I have been there, tho my chiropractor would have preferred that I skip it, I'm sure!)

K. Martinez said...

From my memory, the original bobsleds were the best aesthetically and didn't seem to be as rough as the 2nd and 3rd versions.

I like the cat-glassed apparition floating above Disneyland and the Parking Lot.

Connie Moreno said...

In that first shot, I was amazed at all the green space behind the motor boats. And the parking lot shot? Oh man, made me long for the days when Premium Annual Passholders got to park RIGHT THERE!!!

Thufer said...

As I scrolled down slowely this morning I felt it would be hard pressed to beat the first two offerings from the Skyway. The look over the berm is always a wonderful view. I just love seeing Harbor, Katella and Ball mature.
Then, after I had savored the second view and saw what was to come, my heart skipped, my eyes when just a tab misty and I was at peace. There it was; the best use ever of the 100 acres of joy. My beloved 'parking lot.' Ty, ty, weekend is now secure and I shall have happiness.
I know; but hay...I do miss that lot.

JG said...

Major, not only does that last shot top them all, look on top of the Matterhorn! The elusive Christmas Star! I know that was discontinued in the early '60's, so these are some old shots.

Also, related topic, a photo you posted about a year or more ago, of the Cinderella Castle in SB Land, clearly showed the Christmas Star relaxing in off-season storage beyond the RR track, in the area which is now the amphitheater. I just saw it by accident looking at my slide show while on the phone.

I can't remember the post, but I know it's your pic since there is no watermark.

Thank you for these.


Rich T. said...

Nothing brings back great childhood memories like a Skyway view of the Bobsleds! (Well, maybe a rootbeer Popsicle).

Rode the new sleds a couple of weeks ago. Ouch. Not a fan. The Matterhorn used to be one of my all-time favorite rides -- I hope they listen to guest feedback on the new 3-seaters and fix the situation. Seriously, did they test these things on anyone over 5' 6" tall?

Shelby said...

Love the Matterhorn star!!! I've seen so few pictures of that.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, I think you are referring to City Hall! I don't remember if I ever got to ride the Matterhorn before they linked the bobsleds up into pairs, but I'd love to try it.

K. Martinez, I am pretty sure that is my friend's mom!

Connie, I wonder if that green space is where "It's a Small World" is today… supposedly there is still room back there for another attraction of some kind.

Thufer, man, you love your parking lot! I think you'll enjoy a lot of the other photos from this batch, I feel miserly putting them out only a few at a time.

JG, this group of slides has a LOT of views of the Matterhorn with the star, so you'll be seeing a lot more of that. I remember that somebody (you?) pointed out (no pun intended) the star "backstage", but I can't remember which photo it was. Now I want to see it again!

Rich T., did they really have root beer flavored popsicles? I was always partial to strawberry myself. I'm sorry to hear that the new Matterhorn vehicles are such a dud. How does that happen?!?!

Shelby, I said this before, but you will be seeing that star more than a few times coming up. By the time I've finished with the series you will be bored with the star!

K. Martinez said...

I found the photo of the "Star" backstage behind Storybook Land from GDB. It was Nancy who pointed it out according to the comments section.

Here's the image

Here's the post

Nanook said...


When it comes to the Root Beer dept. for Popsicles; they did and they still do.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, thank you for the link! I was pretty sure it had been posted this year, but other than that I had no clue.

Nanook, it's been a while since I've had an official popsicle! Now I buy Trader Joe's lime pops when the mood strikes.

bloefeld said...

Wow. Amazing photos. Never got to ride the Matterhorn with the single bobsleds. Sadly, the new 3 seaters are just terrible. I mean, unbelievably bad.

Love seeing pics of the Motor Boats, too. Still miss that attraction. So simple, but so fun.

And finally, the parking lot. For all I know one of those campers belonged to my family. When the budget was tight, we would always head out to the camper for lunch.

Nancy said...

Ahh, I see it now....dah!! I was blonder than normal yesterday....