Thursday, August 30, 2012

Around the Park, June 1969

Here are a few random views from June 1969!

We'll start with my favorite, the Rocket Jets and Peoplemover. I'm not sure what to say that I haven't already said 100 times, so let's just enjoy the wonderful view.

Here's a typical view of the Mark Twain, with a canoe buddy nearby.

... and finally, a dark and murky photo as a few people wait for their turn to watch the Enchanted Tiki Room show!


Chiana_Chat said...

1) Move it, people, to the people mover! Let's rock et!

2) Man, that's one stern wheel.

3) Speaking of stern, there's this queue waiting for a cue outside the Tiki Room.

Where have we seen the old guy on the left before... But I am sure he is supportive to his glum daughter in law, who sits tragically surrounded by empty seats where her husband and three kids should have been. (Okay then, you explain that face). There's Mr. too cool for this waiting for a stock car race to start in front of him and his girlfriend, who is refusing to believe the guy on her other side could be John Mills in Swiss Family Robinson just because he looks exactly like him. To John Mills' other side, his wife is holding the Dole Whip and may dole some whippin' if Astrud, her daughter, doesn't mind what she's explaining.

When those folks get inside, enchanting that room is going to take some doing!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow and I thought it was just seven people resting their feet and waiting for the parks own singing "time out". Tiki room although be-awesome in itself "is" the perfect chill pill on a hot day.

I agree with you Major. Instead of looking at the RJ and PM and getting worked up about them being (for the most part) long gone just look at the pictures and enjoy the memories.

Thufer said...

Rocket Jets on top of People Mover joy.

Rich T. said...

Neat -- I don't see a lot of photos of the Tiki Room's pre-show area. I think it may be the park's #1 collapse-on-a-bench-from-exhaustion spot, and folks are usually too tired to snap some shots!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I don't think we've seen that old guy before… he's just some *other* old guy. And now that you say it, that other guy does look like John Mills! It's possible that these photos were taken on an especially hot day (it's June, after all), when most of us look pretty wilted at a certain point!

Alonzo, I am really glad that the Tiki Room is still with us; it seems like one of those attractions that could just disappear one day.

Thufer, you know I love any photos of the Rocket Jets and the Peoplemover; although now that Tony Baxter has officially stated that the Peoplemover will NOT be coming back in any form, a little piece of hope has gone.

Rich T., you are right; plus if people DO take photos, they concentrate on Pele, Tangaroa, and the other tikis.

David said...

I'm with the Lonely Lady in J.C. Penny Summer Dress. I've found the Enchanted Tiki Room to be one huge bore.

The only advantage to it, to be honest, is get out of the Anaheim hot sun for a bit so you can take a nap.

K. Martinez said...

I'm a Enchanted Tiki Room fanatic myself. I always see it when visiting Disneyland and collect just about everything and anything related to it.

Major, since the decision has been made about the PeopleMover, I wish they'd remove the tracks. The tracks look deteriorated and flea bitten. To me it only gives a feeling of urban decay over the whole area. If shade's a concern in the corridor of murals, I’d think there are more creative ways to provide it.

Melissa said...

The Tiki Room always makes me emotional. It's just so darn happy and innocent, and there's little enough of that in the world.

Major Pepperidge said...

David, I know that the Tiki Room is not exactly thrilling, but (to me) it has a lot of charm, and is evocative of the kind of shows that audiences expected in the 1960's.

K. Martinez, I kind of agree… it is pointless to have that track up there now. Part of me will hate to see it go, but it is a massive structure that is completely irrelevant. Something tells me that the cost to remove it means it will be there for a long, long time.

Melissa, I agree with you!