Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Frontier Town, Maryland

Today we're going to revisit a Western-themed amusement park called "Frontier Town", which is still around. See the earlier post here, and visit the park's website here. It is only open from June 'til Labor  Day (this is the east coast, after all) so plan your trip accordingly.

This trio is having too much fun, and that stage coachy thing isn't even going anywhere. It obviously does sometimes, since the wheels are coated with mud. Don't point that finger, it might be loaded! This vehicle has a clunky new appearance, but maybe it is just a liberally-restored antique.

Hey, it's Handsome Brady's brother Todd! His turn-ons are: sitting on benches, sipping corn whiskey, and flirting with the ladies. Turn-offs: Phonies. 

I knew that those three would wind up in jail. Bad pennies, if you ask me. In true old-west fashion, they stole that station wagon and took it for a joy ride. The gallows to our left will be their ultimate fate, just you wait and see.

Speaking of pennies, how about some penny candy? I would like some wax lips (preferably with the buck teeth), some red hots, and some lemon drops. Might as well throw in some chewing tobacco for the wife.

If those two aren't sisters, I'll eat my hat. They've stopped for a snack, but are shocked at the prices. 50 cents for a sandwich?! Fortunately that big purse is full of egg salad. No need for a utensil, just reach in a grab a handful!


TokyoMagic! said...

I want to visit Frontier Town! I would hope that it still has some of the vintage charm that we see here. I wonder if Marilyn or Cecilia have a sister that hangs around Frontier Town?

Rich T. said...

I'll be thinking of purses full of egg salad for the next several hours.

Were "Marshalls" Patton and Pacy the owners of Frontier Town?

K. Martinez said...

That second images is very Knott's Berry Farmish. Do you have any pics of the gallows in action?

Snow White Archive said...

Looks like a real blast from the past but right here in the 21st century.

Nanook said...

That last image reminds me of someplace at Disneyland. Perhaps the Mile Long Bar in Bear Country. Or maybe the Fort Wilderness Canteen & Trading Post on Tom Sawyer Island. (I think my mind has been occluded by all that talk of potato salad - inside a purse, no less-!)

Nanook said...

Ahhheeemmm - make that egg salad. My mind has truly gone off the rails.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, if you look at the photo gallery for the official website, the park seems to have changed quite a bit. There's still a western town, but it doesn't look quite as low-budget. Maybe that's a good thing? And I was also wondering if there was a female counterpart to the old cement prospector.

Rich T., it is my mission to make egg salad the official salad of the USA! And a quick Google search says that Frontier Town was the brain child of Bill Patton and Bill Pacey!

K. Martinez, I WISH!!

Snow White Archive, it can't be the 21st century, I don't have a flying car.

Nanook, that photo makes me think of Knott's. I don't know if I have ever been in the Mile Long Bar!! Something tells me that many places look pretty much like that… very basic and rustic.

And please, never confuse potato salad (favored by communists) with egg salad, the greatest salad from the greatest nation!

Melissa said...

Does that old prospector need a backup band?

While Communists may favor potato salad, potentato salad is the dish of absolute monarchists.

Lillian K, said...

Fantastic set of photos and as always, the commentary is the real star.

Count me in for some of that purse egg salad. Free eats!

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, that mechanical band is so strange! Thanks for the link!

Lillian K. I am glad you liked these.

Anonymous said...

William Patton and a partner started Frontier Town in about 1959. He, his wife Nancy and son Little Will ran the Pine Rest Cottages which still exist. He also owned the ?,(Question Mark) a charter fishing boat in Ocean City,MD.