Thursday, August 02, 2012

Around Main Street, September 1959

Vesey Walker is struttin' his stuff down Main Street. Not many people know that he actually raised the members of the Disneyland Band from babyhood, until they "imprinted" on him like baby ducklings. It was great when they were performing, but not so great the rest of the time. You can imagine. Notice the great signs on the lamp posts and hanging overhead!

Eliza Doolittle is selling flowers for 'alf a shillin'. I wonder if that wooden cart is around anymore, or if it was given away - or worse, left to decay backstage for years. 


Connie Moreno said...

You know, I've thought about that cart from time to time....such a beauty! And look! The men's room in its original location!

Rich T. said...

I love the way the perspective's working in the band shot; the castle seems like a massive structure wayyyyyyyy in the distance, and the trees make Main Street appear to stretch off forever!

Chiana_Chat said...

"Ducklings"?! roftl!

And hey, by reading this post and comments, I might have just been saved from walking into the wrong doors to go to the bathroom.

K. Martinez said...

In the first image does anyone know the origin of the flag from on the lamp post opposite the American flag? I don't recognize it.

Anonymous said...

KM: I believe that is the flag of the Republic of Ecuador.

Anonymous said...

Re: Forced Perspective. One of the things that now shocks me is how small the castle really is and you can't perceive that until you are right up to it.

From a distance, it looks so huge, the sudden transition is almost disorienting. Part of the problem is that my early impression were founded when the castle really was huge... er, when I was really small.

Great pics, Major. beautiful shot of the Flower Mart. Obsolete or not, it sure was pretty.


Anonymous said...

There was some kind of international celebration going on, there are US colors and other flags on all the lamp posts, the flower mart pic has either Ireland, France or Italy showing. (I can't quite make out the colors).

Too early for IASW, any idea what this might have been?


K. Martinez said...

Anon, Thanks for answering my question.

JG, I didn't pick up on the other flags, but there must've been related to some sort of international celebration as you mentioned. Now I'm really curious.

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, you and I are probably the only people who have thought about that cart!

Rich T., you're right about the perspective… I was so focused on the band that I didn't really notice!

Chiana, have the rest rooms at the end of W. Center Street moved? I have no idea.

K. Martinez, I'm not sure why there would be an Ecuadorian flag on Main Street, but this photo (also from 1959) shows that there were many international flags on display right in front of the train station.

Anon, thanks for identifying that flag!

JG, see my comment to K. Martinez… I love our castle, but you're right, it is surprisingly small. I wonder, if Walt had had more money, would he have made it larger, or did he make it just the right size for its purpose?

PsySocDisney said...

I'm always a fan of Flower Market photos... I'm a sucker for flowers and it fit the turn-of-the-century look of Main Street (that's not so much there anymore) so well.

TokyoMagic! said...

Too bad this area couldn't have stayed untouched, INCLUDING the Carnation Truck that used to be parked near the corner of this street. I wonder if that is a Bob Gurr designed flower cart? I am also wondering how many flowers they used to actually sell back in the day? They could always bring the cart back (if it still exists) and load it up with "plush" or "glow" items.....or pins, yes that's it, pins!

I love the sign hanging on the lamppost behind the Flower Market lady. I don't think I've ever seen that one before. I can't read it, but I'm assuming it was for "The Skyway Thru Glacier Grotto" which I believe was actually billed as one of the "6 New Spectacular Attractions" of 1959, wasn't it?

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh and yes, the bathrooms have been switched. The men's room is now to the left of the women's room.