Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deja Vu and more

In looking back through some of my earlier posts, I couldn't help noticing how most of them leave a lot to be desired; my scanner was one of the old mule-powered kind. If you compare this first image to the original post, you'll see what I mean. This has always been one of my favorite Main Street photos, and the rescan was well worth the trouble.

This photo is not a rescan; instead it is one that I did not see fit to scan at all six years ago. But now I can appreciate it in a different way. Those orange trees and flowers up near the hub somehow feel like "old California" to me, and reflect the smaller, more intimate ambiance of the early Disneyland.


Nanook said...

It's easy to understand why the first image is one of your favorites of Main Street. It's a real stunner!

As the photo ID notes, it's from sometime in either 1955 or '56. By January 1st of 1957 Sunny View Farms Jellies and Jams had morphed into the imported Candy Shop, before joining the Puffin Bake Shop to change again on July 31, 1960 into the Sunkist Citrus House.

Thanks Major for the rescan.

K. Martinez said...

Wow! That second image of the oranges trees is BEE-EAUTIFUL! Such a natural look compared to the manicured hub/plaza they have today. I love it!

David said...

It's amazing how technology changes in such a short time. The rescan makes it look almost brand new.

I was thinking, like the rescan photo, has anyone ever thought of trying to match some of these old photographs with what it looks like today? I realize matching is difficult, but it would be cool to print a picture here, go to DL and try to a THEN and NOW sequence. The top photo should be easy to replicate, I think.

Anonymous said...

Major, thank you for both these. There are still some orange trees in this general area, but whether original or re-planted, hard to say.

I do love old Main Street. Somehow, the morphing of some of the shops is easier to take here than other places, but I do still miss the book store and the Flower Market.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, thanks for the info about the Jellies and Jams shop… I think there's a part of my brain that knew you only saw that shop in early photos, but beyond that I had no idea.

K. Martinez, I agree, I love the shady little garden in the middle of Disneyland! And the orange trees are a bonus.

David, other people have done "then and now" features, and it is always something I enjoy. If I had an annual pass (and went to the park more than once a year) I'd want to try it myself. But as it is, the $87 admission means that I spend my whole day at the park doing as many rides as I can!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, last comment was me, Major.

I sign in less and less, work you know.


Major Pepperidge said...

JG, I wasn't ignoring your comment! We both left our messages at the exact same time.

I love old Main Street as well... I'm sure you've seen me go on and on about the color palette that is in use today.... ugh.