Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three from July 1960

Did you know that the 50-star version of the United States flag made its debut in July 1960? I'm not sure why it took so long, because Hawaii had been the 50th state since the previous August. Anyway, there's a li'l factoid for you to start your day!

Today's three photos were also taken in July 1960, starting with this shot of the Motor Boat Cruise loading dock. The Motor Boats replaced the notoriously unreliable (but cool looking) Phantom Boats, and lulled countless guests into a deep, relaxing slumber as they puttered around. It didn't matter if they were asleep, the boats always returned home. Like magic!

I'm not sure how many people truly appreciated the spirtual nature of the dances performed by Disneyland's Native Americans, but this amazing photo shows this particular dancer summoning an eagle (OK, it could be a pigeon), visible in the sky. Pretty impressive, just like when Aquaman summons the fishes of the sea to do his dirty work.

How do they keep the Mark Twain so sparkling white? My steamboat is always so drab and gray. It's embarrassing. Frontierland looks verdant and lush here, and the Twain is churning the water impressively, probably chopping up a few ducks in the process. You can just see part of the bright yellow banner (to the right) announcing the path to the Indian Village where you could see the guy in the first photo doing his thing!


TokyoMagic! said...

Fantastic shot of the Motor Boats, Major! For a moment, I thought that woman in the white skirt was dressed kind of appropriately for riding in a motor boat, but then I realized she's working the ride (it's too early in the morning I tell you!) I didn't realize that until I saw her fellow cast member at the turnstiles wearing a matching costume. Speaking of matching....looks like twins are coming through the turnstiles next. I love photos like this that you can stare at for a while and almost "get lost" in them. Once again, thank you for sharing!

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. Still loving your commentaries....today's had me laughing out loud!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks, tokyomagic!, I always appreciate it when you take the time to comment, especially when they are as nice as those two!

Anonymous said...

Great pix and commentary Major!

Expanding upon your factoid about the US flag: A star for each new state is always added to the flag on the first July 4th following that state's admission to the union.

Since Alaska became our 49th state on January 3, 1959, its star was added to the flag on July 4, 1959. But Hawaii didn’t become a state until August 21, 1959, so it had to wait until next July 4 (1960) - to have its star added to the flag.

This also means that the US had a 49-star flag between July 4, 1959 and July 3, 1960.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info Kevin

Major, I love the Indian Village pic. It's neat. I think he looks rather beautiful there, him the birdie the painting, even that neat rustic hand-made seating area shade. The birdie just wants to see what he's up to. That or he thinks the fellow is wrasslin' the mother lode of wormdom.

There are quite a few people, though there's a girl on the left with her hands on her hips that looks like someone's in a world of trouble when they turn up.

The Motorboat Cruise is one past attraction I don't miss! But it lasted for decades and surely that took magic. The yacht owner in the front may be slumming for his girlfriend's, I mean niece's sake, but won't let anything tarnish his dashing image.

Your steamboat may be drab Major, but I bet you serve a mean Chopped Duck!