Saturday, August 09, 2008

Random Stuff

Since there is no theme today (besides "Disneyland" of course), let's jump headfirst into today's post, it'll be like jumping into an ice cold swimming pool!

We'll start with this photo from August 1960, showing the ticket booths at the park's entrance. There's Minnie Mouse to the left, even she has to buy a ticket to get in I guess. You can't read it in this scan, but there are big scary signs warning people that picnic lunches are strictly verboten in the happiest place on earth! The penalty: death by churro.

Yep, it's the castle. And since it's 1958, there are signs on the banners out front advertising the opening of some new attractions like the "Alice in Wonderland" dark ride and the "Columbia".


The Viewliner Limited said...

You know...there is just something really inviting about the entrance with its ticket booths and station in the background. You don't get that feeling today. Beauty pics Major. Appreciated as always.

Anonymous said...

and at those prices I might be able to afford coming often, with the whole family!

In the castle pic it looks like they worked a spare Main Street window into the castle on the right hehe

Such a blue sky. :)

Katella Gate said...

Chiana said..."and at those prices I might be able to afford coming often, with the whole family!"

You're quite right, When I was young, my Dad worked as an aircraft mechanic for National Airlines and we lived in Bellflower. Despite his very modest salary, we were able to visit Disneyland almost as often as we wished thru the 60's and 70's... in one period, once a month for over a year.

Even after adjusting for the purchasing power of the dollar, early Disneyland was an excellent value.

Anonymous said...

Katella Gate, gosh that must've been great fun.

When I hear about prices in earlier eras it can amaze me. It seems buying a drink like Coke & Pepsi in the park was way cheaper then too. I've heard that regular employee wages could often be higher for the time than they are now too but I don't profess to any certainty there. Add shorter hours, often closing all night and closing one day a week to the mix. Yet somehow they still managed a profit making long-term enterprise of it.

pixiegirltink said...

Re: the gate picture-

That was the biggest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen in my life! She looks as if she's 6' tall. Now there's an attraction in itself!

I love the big oval DISNEYLAND signs above the gates as well. Much nicer than the giant pumpkin characters at Halloween.