Friday, August 29, 2008

Get the Feel of the Wheel of a Ford

It's time for more fun from the '64 World's Fair!

Hooray, another photo of the Autoparts Harmonic Orchestra! This whimsical (or is it just plain silly?) feature had musical instruments crafted from pieces of Ford automobiles. Each instrument had a chair, apparently for some ghostly musicians who woud eventually work at the Haunted Mansion. Why they needed chairs is beyond me.

The posts are in no particular order, because now we're outside the Ford pavilion! It looks like we're close - - so close - - to the entrance, but I suspect that those Disney lines are deceiving. You can see part of the "Magic Skyway" itself as it wound around outside the attraction. On display is a beautiful red Mustang convertible; I wonder if they had any idea what a winner the mustang would be?

Another picture from inside the attraction (but before you got to ride in your late-model Ford) is this scene from a series of miniature views known as "International Village". Wonder where in the world this is supposed to be? All I know is that the cars parked on the street are all Fords.


Anonymous said...

's too bad we don't have "magic skyways" in our towns & cities. It's not just for sleek future metropoli. Imagine one with a view of beautiful trees in a New England fall. ooo. 'course I'm not sure I'd want the vehicles to look like a mini '65 Fairlane hehe

Model's sure cute!

TokyoMagic! said...

Those chairs are pretty groovy! I wish the Magic Skyway had made the transition to DL in it's entirety....cavemen and all. I guess I should be happy for what we did get and what we still have.....or at least until they do something like rip out Primeval World and expand Innoventions into it's space.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Ahhhhhh! More pictures of my favorite fair. Man I wish I could of seen this. Great pics.

Unknown said...

Wow. That second shot is awesome!

More, please!

outsidetheberm said...

World's Fair pictures are always welcome. Thanks for sharing these.

Matt said...

Those models are great! Thanks for sharing the px!

Kevin Kidney said...

Oh boy, these are GREAT. Just wonderful. Look at the subtle "face" made of gaskets (?) on the string bass. (The fantastic Rolly Crump touch, for sure!)

Truly your blog is an amazement and I LOVE to check it whenever I can. It's almost as good as Christmas.

Domitype said...

How about this for a modern Ford Orchestra?

tina aka forrestina vintage said...

Those chairs, although silly in this context, would make someone a nice pile of change in today's vintage market!

Great blog, always entertaining, thanks!