Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Main Street USA, 1956

Here's a beauty, a wonderful shot looking up Main Street towards the castle. I'm not sure why, but this is one of my favorite photos of this street; the slide has taken on a warm tone over the years, which adds to the nostalgic experience. I also like the clear look at the buildings on the west side, the bunting (which makes it feel like it's almost the 4th of July), the streetcar... it's just a nice picture, OK?!

You wouldn't know it, but this photo is supposed to be featuring those two little girls up on the poop deck. Meanwhile, I am distracted by the curvy woman to the right who is coming down the steps.


Anonymous said...

Babs! Cute stuff, red shoes and right style too. ;) Speaking of style, can you check out the classy Ms. Gerrard over on the other stair with the lovely black hair and peal necklaces and earpiece! The babes are comin' and goin' on decks. They didn't call that boat Chicken of the Sea for nothin'.

You're right Major, I think that Main St. pic just may be my fav of who knows how many I've seen. A subtle patina you can feel... Incidentally the street looks just like a "real" one with the wear marks of wheeled traffic except where the trolley trods down the center, not hosed and scrubbed by so many tennis shoes walking in the lane. The lady on the right in the old (to us) pretty yellow dress doesn't look too out of place there. More real than it has any right lookin' and a beautiful capture of the whole idea. Meet me tonight on Main Street...

Thufer said...

wow. a main street patina and a forerunner to 'coilhouse' all taking place on a blog about disneyland. this makes a pitter patter occur in my heart. the happiest place on earth?
and, a view of upjohn's! (pun intended)

outsidetheberm said...

We're wondering what the kids are reading up there on the rail. Anyone aware of a sign or marker up there?

Great pictures.