Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Wow, it's December already. How did that happen? Today I offer a random selection of images for your viewing pleasure.

I realized that calling this "the old House of the Future" is an oxymoron, but that's what I like about it. This bright sunny day from August 1960 shows the plastic house gleaming white, softened by the greenery that surrounds it. The sign in front echoes the silhouette of the house itself. Leaving the frame to our left is the old Fire Truck.

The Congo Queen is on its way into the dark and mysterious jungle. This is from the era when cast members wore gaudy Hawaiiain shirts, straw hats, and huaraches (as Matterhorn1959 pointed out long ago). I was under the impression that, today, the boats were merely aged and no longer had their striped awnings, but somebody told me that the old boats were entirely replaced. Really?

Lastly, we see the horsedrawn Streetcar waiting for a load of passengers. The Hills Bros. coffee house is in the background, as is the Gerber Center, with rows of strollers waiting to aggravate Daveland !!


FoxxFur said...

Yeah, they're totally rebuilt, mostly to accommodate more people - they're not as wide but fairly longer.I think they fit 5 - 7 more people per boat or something. Doesn't seem like much and of course now they're longer so you can fit fewer boats at dock, but it does make a bigger dent in the line.

I know certain individuals who visited the WDW graveyard after the east Coast boats were replaced and spent three hours with a hacksaw under the cover of darkness er, "liberating" the original boat signs.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Fantastic shots. They are everything I remember about Disneyland. Hills Bros coffee was always the first stop, before the adventure that lies ahead. Going in to the HOF and riding on the Jungle Cruise, what a thrill. Thanks again Major, you have done yourself proud.