Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tree in Town Square, 1965

I recently found a CD on which I had stored some old scans from slides that I no longer own, and among those were a few Disneyland slides. This image of the magnificent Christmas tree in Town Square was one that I thought was worth sharing. It looks like it was a gray and chilly day when this photo was taken, weather that I personally enjoy! It's about the most we can hope for to help us get into that Christmas spirit (as opposed to sunny, 80 degree Decembers that I can recall).

The huge fir trees that are used each year at the park are something of an illusion themselves, having been painted (yes, painted) to maintain the green color, flocked, fireproofed, and additional branches are inserted to fill in any gaps. Then the decorating begins! What a job that must be.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Rockefeller Center ain't got nothin' on this tree. Always the coolest Disneyland Christmas shot.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great Image! 1965 Rocks!!!It does look chilly, but just right for the Christmas in Anaheim!

Anonymous said...

Nice image.

Often I don't like flocked trees, but this one looks beautiful.

It's actually not uncommon for "natural" trees people buy on lots to be painted (at least it didn't use to be uncommon--maybe things have changed). Of course, the tree lots don't ADVERTISE that they do that :)

The funny thing to me is that when I was at Disneyland two years ago, I thought the tree looked completely fake. I assumed it was a plastic tree--not a remodeled natural one. Interesting!