Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa's Village 1957, Part 2

Since this is the sequel to yesterday's post, I will call it "Bride of Santa's Village".

Come back here, you! Little sis is hell-bent on petting that sheep, and he is making a half-hearted effort to escape. Here we get a nice look at some of the cottages and other buildings, surrounded by colorful giant mushrooms. Why mushrooms? According to one website, Norwegian legend tells us that Vindicans (little people) were craftsmen who "lived in the toadstools and mushroom. Pixies and Elves along with Gnomes are a direct relative to the Vindican", so the mushrooms gave them someplace to live. See, and you thought it didn't make sense!

I think that sheep was hoping there would be something besides snow in that trough. Santa is makin' the scene in the background, but nobody is paying him any attention.

There seems to have been two different train rides at Santa's Village. Here's one of them, with a large (and scary) rabbit standing on what I guess is supposed to be the train's tender. Sis is fascinated!

Here is the other train ride...they DO look like different trains, right? I wouldn't be surprised if both of these train rides live on in other amusement parks. Did I mention that it looks freakin' cold?

Tomorrow you will see the third and final part of our Santa's Village series.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Great shots again. These are great fun. Thanks Major.

Chris Merritt said...

Great images - Harriet Burns told me that helping to design Santa's Village was one of her first design jobs, prior to working for what would become WED...

Anonymous said...

One of the trains is now running at the Santa Ana Zoo.