Sunday, December 16, 2007

Disneyland Christmas Parade, 1961 - Part 2

Can't make it to your local Christmas parade? Well, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and enjoy round two from my 1961 Disneyland holiday photos!

Here come some mock-jousters, brandishing their lances. I sort of like the parade elements that had no movie tie-ins, no characters...

This float is being pulled by a train (Casey Jr?), and it bears a large golden horseshoe. So I can only assume that the ladies prentending to be marionettes are from the Golden Horseshoe Revue! What kept them from falling off? Meanwhile, more giant bunnies follow closely.

There must be an easier way to keep your pants from falling down.

Pretty majorettes lead the way for a marching band, probably from some neighboring school...

And of course you have to have your baton twirlers.

More giant bunnies, followed by some oversized toys. A Prussian toy soldier rides his wooden horsey, accompanied by an enormous doll. Did her eyes open and close? Spooky! She bears a resemblance to the figures in the Bicentennial parade 15 years later.

Tomorrow, the third and final installment in this series.


Jason Schultz said...

"What kept them from falling off?" The strings, of course!

In that same photo, you can see the banner for the Long Beach Junior Concert club. I was only able to find reference to them being in the parade in 1960 ("Highlight of the holiday festivities for the group will be participation in the huge Disneyland Christmas Parade of All Nations, band director James E. Son announced" - 11/30/1960). They seem to have won a lot of awards and traveled extensively.

Daveland said...

Woah! Major! I will have nightmares all week about the gigantic lady in the blue dress!

Maryanne Kowalski said...

nice post and thanks for sharing...

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