Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Disneyland

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Today's post will be short but sweet, since I am out of town. I thought that this would be a nice picture to feature, showing the Matterhorn (in a photo from January, 1962) looking huge and impressive here. The Christmas star is huge also, does anybody have any idea how large it was? I'm throwing a guess out, maybe 15 feet high? The Yacht Bar can be see edge-on, as well as the roof of a ticket booth.

There was another star, only this one was made of flowers, and was in the center of the Hub, right about where the "Partners" statue is now. Crowds are heavy - - I like the glimpse into Tomorrowland!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Major. Thanks for a great year of pictures.

CoxPilot said...

Major, your way off on the height of the star. The Matterhorn is 147 feet hight, and the star (including the base) is aprox. 40 feet tall. Check out how small the climber is on top of the Mt. on Dave's Sept 1965 shot. The scale becomes more apparent.

Anonymous said...

Your picture of "Disneyland's bellybutton" got me wondering... when I was very little, I thought it was strange that the very center of Disneyland was basically nondescript. I always thought that there should be *something* -- like a fountain or a signpost.

Now that I am older and arguably wiser, is it possible that Walt deliberately left this bull's eye blank so that a statue to himself could be raised on the spot after he had died?

Does anybody have any insights on this?

Katella Gate

Daveland said...

The Partners Statue is a definite improvement; not only does it look great there, it gives 2 photo spots: the statue and the castle, which is nice, and helps make the castle entrance (albeit slightly) less crowded.

pixiegirltink said...

Major, thanks for posting a picture of my favorite Disneyland subject - the Matterhorn Star! I'm sorry that I was born just a few short years after it's demise. It would sure be fun to actually see it for real sometime, just for fun.

Your blog is truly my favorite. You have such a gift of humor, and captioning all the great photos you post!

Happy New Year,

CoxPilot said...

Major: I'm not sure anyone will see this comment to an older post, but I just happen to stumble upon and old photo that may solve the size question about the star on the Matterhorn.