Friday, December 07, 2007

Adventureland Babes, 1961

Hubba hubba! Let's all go ahead and bare our midriff's in honor of these lovely ladies from Adventureland, circa 1961. For Pete's sake, don't show your navel, though, that would be more than any decent person could handle. The babe in yellow seems to be having a laugh at her fellow castmember, who is asleep on her feet. Or maybe the photographer just caught her in mid-blink. Happens to me all the time.

If this slide wasn't so durned dark, we might be able to see more of the incredible exotic treasures that were offered back then. As it is, there are hats of woven palm leaves, plastic leis, "grass" skirts, and handbags of various materials. What, no shrunken heads? I want a vintage rubber shrunken head in the worst way. I'd like to believe that there are plenty of plaster skulls and rubber snakes as well. And please tell me what those colorful feathered things are in the bin next to the sleepy girl!


Anonymous said...

Looks like those are miniature African-style throwing spears.

Jason Schultz said...

What an interesting shot of Adventureland. But with all that merchandise outside, where are the Guests supposed to walk??

The Viewliner Limited said...

We have all seen a 100+ pictures of COS pirate ship a 1000+ pictures of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (all very nice mind you), but these are the kind of rare pictures that Disneyland is all about for me. Absolutely fantastic.