Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ford at the World's Fair

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The Ford exhibit at the 1964 World's Fair had it's share of wonders, the "Magic Skyway" being the most famous. After you saw all of that kooky stuff, you were funneled into the "Product Salon"'s what the VIP guidebook said about it:

"IN THE QUIET elegance of the Product Salon, handsomely sleek Ford-Built motor cars of 1964 are positioned tastefully throughout the spacious area, while others revolve like mannequins on turntable islands, thus enabling guests to study them from every angle.

Extending along an entire wall of the Salon is the Product Parade where guests may watch a stream of Company cars, trucks and tractors moving against a background of scenery that dramatically changes from peaceful countryside to bustling city and from day to night.

For racing buffs, there are also total performance-tested Ford competition cars to be seen from time to time -- the low-slung, Ford-powered Lotus, popular hero at Indianapolis, the Ford-powered Cobra, winningest sports car in years, and the burly Ford-built stock cars that have made a habit of providing only rear views to the competition."

Obviously this is one of the stock cars, surrounded by plenty of crunchy, delicious trophies. Not the most exciting image perhaps, but an unusual interior view of a legendary attraction.

I'll have some more images from this area at a future date. Stay tuned!

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Matterhorn1959 said...

Wow- that car probably never looked any better than this. Most of the stock and road racing cars (I believe this is one of the 24 hour LeMans cars) were always treated as machines and not things of beauty.