Monday, November 05, 2007

Skyway and Stagecoach, circa 1957

Today's offering consists of two undated slides, which I estimate to be from 1957 (or possibly '58).

The first image was taken from the Skyway...our bucket is headed towards the Swiss Chalet, while the other folks are on their way to Tomorrowland. There's no Matterhorn for them to pass through yet! It must be about noon, the sun is almost directly overhead, and all of the lunch tables are full. People are crawling all over the Pirate Ship, it sure looks great with its sails unfurled and the Jolly Roger flying!

And, because I feel that all of you are close personal friends, I have included this additional photo showing the Stagecoach as it rounds the bend on the shore of the river. With all of those people sitting on top, it is bound to tip over. The Disney people should have just incorporated that feature into the ride. It's the "old West" equivalent of a loop!


Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Great picture of Fantasyland !! I noticed that there is no wake at the front waterline of the Pirate Ship. Does anyone know when that effect was added?

Tinker Bell said...

Shots like that make me wish the ship was still in Disneyland. It's such a great, vibrant, focal point. Obviously well loved due to the fact that so many photos of old Disneyland include the ship.