Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 Views from 1960

Today we've set the wayback machine to 1960. Actually the dial is stuck, sorry. But at least we get to see this great view of Town Square and Main Street Station...it's easy to imagine that this is the 4th of July in a real not-so-small town (with all of the red, white and blue bunting). That train station is too grand to be in a small town!

The Rivers of America brings history to life once again. There's nothing like watching a Mississippi riverboat comin' around the bend, followed by...an ocean-going sailing ship from the 1830's? I guess it's not too crazy, since Samuel Clemens was a riverboat pilot only 30 years after the real Columbia circumnavigated the globe. And Disneyland is full of crazy juxtapositions that somehow work in spite of their kookiness!


Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Nice pics as usual Major. I have noticed that in the many pictures I have seen of the Columbia, the sails are often set differently. Who changes those, and based on what? Maybe it's based on if the Santa Anna's are blowing or not.

Jason Schultz said...

Actually, Mayor, the Columbia's circumnavigation trip took place forty years earlier! But it did head partway up the Columbia River, and that's a river of America, no?