Friday, November 02, 2007

Disneyland Railroad, September 1955

Here's a beautiful shot of old #2 (it was brand new, really), The E.P. Ripley, looking bright and shiny. The park had only been open for a couple of months.

Our intrepid photographer is aboard the Freight Train, which is on the siding that was present in the early years (was there more than one?) so that one locomotive could pass the other when necessary. The Freight Train only stopped at Frontierland Station, and the Passenger Train only stopped at Main Street Station. I'm not sure when this arrangement ceased to be, any help from the readers? Maybe it had something to do with the addition of the Grand Canyon Diorama in 1958.

I am always amazed at the sight of passengers standing on the Freight Train. Falling down had to be a regular occurance (and probably an injury or was all part of the fun!). This was before lawyers were invented, I'm assuming! It might be an optical illusion, but it sure looks as if you had a considerably higher vantage point when you were in the freight cars. The passenger cars look little by comparison.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- there were two sidings, one at Main Street Station and one at Frontierland Station. The reason for the change in station stops was the addition of the third train for the Grand Canyon diorama. Also ridership of the train had increased over the years requiring a third train to handle the number of guests.

Daveland said...

what a great shot! love the old DLRR stuff!