Sunday, November 04, 2007

Disneyland, September 1971

I might not give you 12 slides a day to look at like Daveland does, but today you get the Jumbo Family Pack, 4 images for the price The first three are from September 1971, and the last one might be as well. All are courtesy of my friend Mike and the Graziano family.

Alice and the Mad Hatter are hanging out near the Hills Bros. Coffee House, with its cheerful yellow umbrellas. Alice is a cute as a bug's ear (as my grandma used to say), she has obviously visited the beach a few times since leaving rainy old England.

I dream of a world where everyone has their own submarine lagoon....

A view taken from the train, there's those topiaries made from real topioca. The giraffe is looking a little mangy! There are construction walls a ways back, are they surrounding part of the Motor Boat Cruise waterway?

The round Skyway buckets are gone by this time, replaced with their rectangular fiberglass successors. Drop a penny for good luck!!


Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Great pics today Major. If we are standing at Small World in pic 3 and that is the mast of the pirate ship in the distance, I would guess that those construction walls must be close to the Storybookland Canal Boats.

William Kelley said...

Those walls are definitely over near the Canal Boats, but I think they're more permanent than just construction walls since there was nothing to construct there.

Also note, the entrance line to IASW is now the exit.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Very cute Alice.

Anonymous said...

"I might not give you 12 slides a day"
Ah, but it’s the quality that counts. Your pics are always excellent. Please buy more so you don’t ever run out.

I always knew Alice was really a California girl at heart. Wonder how many Alices there have been since 55? Probably enough to start their own blog/web site.

That’s a neat pic of the sub. Shows how they designed it right up next to the wall so you could get a good look at it passing by. I remember a Kodak Picture Spot right about at the place where the sub is in this shot. In fact I think I can see it there.

Love the non-cluttered look of the Small World queue.

Anonymous said...

Those were "permanent" walls obstructing the back side of Fantasyland. There was, among other things, a formal break area for cast members.