Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Town Square Ceremonies, Part 3

Today I am sharing the last three photos of a big rumpus going on over in Town Square, on April 8th 1973, for the debut of "The Walt Disney Story" in the Opera House.

As a kid I always wanted to ride one of those kooky "penny-farthing" bicycles; and there go two people who are being paid to do it! Here I am, wasting my time as an astronaut like a sucker. 

The ladies in pastel gowns may look demure, but pretty soon they're going to want to be able to vote! 

I wonder where all of the costumes came from. "Western Costume" in Hollywood? Costumes 'R Us? Moe's Costume Emporium? 

Well, the singing, dancing, and promenading have finally ended, and it's time to let guests into the Opera House to learn all about Walt Disney. A gaggle of tour guides provides security - they are all proficient in various forms of martial arts. Hi-YA! 

Here's a publicity photo from that same day, featuring Lillian Disney Truyens along with Disneyland Ambassador Bonnie Drury and Mickey Mouse.


TokyoMagic! said...

Isn't the Western Costume Company where Jane Hudson got recreations made of her Baby Jane Hudson outfits? I remember when they tore that building down and replaced it with a parking lot.

It's interesting to see the second and third "lanterns" sticking up behind the sign for "The Walt Disney Story." I always thought those were removed at the time that attraction went into that space. Perhaps it was later when "Mr. Lincoln" returned to the Opera House.

Did the toy soldiers (last photo) show up on that day to say, "Give us back our "Babes In Toyland" attraction in the Opera House, gosh darn it!"

Tom said...

Mickey's trying to keep a brave face in that last shot; despite the smile he can't hide his wistfulness.

Funny how even the faintly golden cast of these images screams 1973.

K. Martinez said...

The pic of Walt's wife with Mickey is my favorite part of today's post. Wish someone would do a biography on her. Or at least a biography on the Disney families outside their company activities. I find that whole generation; Roy Disney Jr., Diane Miller and Ron Miller to be interesting. It would also be interesting to know what life after Walt was like for Lillian and the family dynamics. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, um, who is Baby Jane Hudson? Is she one of the Hudson Brothers? Did she invent the Hudson automobile? And those lanterns are yet another detail I probably would have never noticed if you hadn’t pointed them out.

Tom, I am more interested in that sideways glance that Mrs. Disney is aiming at Ms. Drury. What is she thinking?

K. Martinez, yeah, I can’t think of too many other photos of Lillian at the park after Walt’s passing. I think a lot of people are interested in what it would have been like to be one of Walt Disney’s family members, seeing him in a way that nobody else did. Did they ever see his fiery temper? Did he talk about all kinds of “blue sky” projects? It would be fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics of Main Street. We never saw this show, ran right past it into the rest of the goodies. I'm hoping that some of the content, or at least information, has been put up in the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF.

I have read rumors that the creation of that museum and it's location in SF are at least partly a result of family dynamics vs the Company. I don't recall ever seeing anything there that was overtly critical of the Post-Walt Disney corporation, but there are some exhibits about the strike and similar events in the Family Museum that might not exactly follow the current corporate line.

Everyone who reads or writes this blog should travel to San Francisco and tour this museum. It is a brilliant design and presentation with film clips, models, and artifacts, and with the added bonus of rotating exhibits on Disney-related artists and topics, Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle, Mary Blair, etc.

Plus, while in San Francisco, you can see the West Coast's greatest collection of street people and hobos, curated for your entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those bicycle riders would be Cal-OSHA compliant these days without helmets! I recall those days. Good times. KS