Monday, May 15, 2017

Snapshots, 1963

Snapshots, we love snapshots! Here are four of them from 1963.

That kid wore yellow because he wanted to match those flowers - or perhaps he wanted to be a flower. Hey, I don't judge. I think that might the boy's older sister, in the green outfit - she's kind of cute! Or she might be his mom. I have no idea. 

Gramps is trying to remain incognito so that he won't be mobbed by screaming fans.

Gramps, you are doing a terrible job of being incognito. Perhaps he just has low self-esteem. "I'll just stand here next to the trash can; it's what I deserve". Oh, Gramps. Notice the faces carved on some of those trees in the background. Damn kids and their graffiti! A few years in the Marines would do them some good.

Is this the boy's mother? Grandmother. She looks like the kind of lady who had candy in her purse, a tissue to wipe smudges off of your face, and a hug whenever you needed one.

Whoever the heck these people are, I like them!

Yes, there are plenty of snapshots to come.


Nanook said...


I don't know about Gramps, but that "guy" walking behind him in the Adventureland shot looks an awful lot like a certain famous 'Walt'. (I'm just sayin').

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

That certainly is a smart outfit the lady in green is wearing. I wonder if it's tweed. It looks a little Tippi Hedren-ish (a la "The Birds").

K. Martinez said...

I like the snapshot of the women in blue. She reminds me very much of my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Bjorkland. Nice "people" set today. Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

I meant woman, not women.

DrGoat said...

A ticket book in his pocket and he's ready to go. Love the shirt too.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, “Walt” looks like he is still pacing off the property, like he did in that famous footage.

TokyoMagic!, she must be Tippi’s sister, Twerpy.

K. Martinez, she definitely looks like a 2nd grade teacher!

DrGoat, Gramps might even let his grandkid use one of his “E” tickets.

Anonymous said...

The poor awkward kid in the flower market photo looks like his grandmother told him to pose with Mom and Pops.

Love pics of the old Flower Market. I'll give some props to current Disney, they have restored a smaller flower market now in East Center Street behind the "helathy snack" wagon. It's a shadow of the classic that my Mom loved so much, but at least there's now a flower market back on Main Street.

The ticket book in Pop's pocket is an early Disney classic, I have great pics of my Dad with the same setup, fountain pen and ticket book ready to go.

Thanks Major.