Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More From Huck,

Today I am continuing a series of 35mm photos taken by GDB reader/contributor Huck Caton back in 1995. They are very nice! And hey, 21 years qualifies as "vintage", don't you think?

We'll start with the great shot of the Swiss Family Treehouse. This was three years before Tarzan would move in, so you could still climb the steps and see the rooms that the Robinson family ate, slept, cooked, and relaxed in. Such a great attraction, requiring just a little imagination. What kid wouldn't have given his Pog collection to live in a treehouse like that?

Over by the pastel-colored "It's a Small World" building, guests have lined the path as "The Lion King Celebration" parade started. Hakuna Matata, yo! The parade ran from June of 1994 through to June of 1997.

Over in Tomorrowland, the original "Submarine Voyage" was still operating, though the gray subs had been repainted in a bright yellow to resemble research vessels. They totally ignored my suggestion to put googly eyes on the subs though.

The line is pretty long! The stroller parking looks fairly restrained by today's standards. That guy in the middle with the popcorn bucket is super flattered that Huck wanted a picture of him, and he has adopted his "sexy" pose to be helpful.

I'll have more from Huck very soon!


Nanook said...


You had me right up until "sexy". Yo.

And there are barely enough strollers parked there to establish a quorum-!

Thank you Huck.

K. Martinez said...

Vintage or not, that Swiss Family Treehouse photo is great!

I think I've seen the Lion King Celebration parade more times than any other daytime parade and probably because it hung on so long.

I don't know why they didn't add in a few blue meanies, some apple bonkers and Jeremy the Boob into the "Submarine Voyage". It's off to Pepperland we go! Thanks, Huck and Major

Pegleg Pete said...

The "sexy pose man" is quite something, but what about that matching long shorts and hoodie combo on the dad behind him! The '90s now seem like a golden age in so many ways, but alas the clothing was awful. Great pics today, Major and Huck - thanks.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Any shot of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is Vintage considering what they have done to it.

That guy in the last pic is classic. It's as if he has had "Right Said Fred's-I'm too Sexy" running through his head (on a loop) for the four years since it was released.

The backwards cap guy with the matching hoodie/shorts combo is looking rather "Vanilla Ice" hisself.

These are full of 90's goodness. Keep em coming. Thanks to Huck and Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I like all three of these shots! And with pictures from the nineties, I feel a little bit better about asking the question, "Where are these people today?" That's a nice view of the "Small World Mall" corridor when it was still wide open and not junked up with those huge lighting and sound towers that were built for Light Magic.

Irene said...

For me 1996 seems like just yesterday! Love the Swiss Family Treehouse; never did care for the Tarzan overlay. Also nice to see the Small World corridor before Light Magic - ugh. And the Lion King Parade was one of my favorites. So all things considered, yes these photos are certainly vintage :)

DrGoat said...

Also saw the parade in '96. I think it was one of the best parades, excepting the Main Street Electrical parade. I've still got a few of the lights from the parade they were selling in that neat little box.

Patrick Devlin said...

Oooh, pretty!

Anonymous said...

So we can confirm that there were still trees behind the main Small World facade as late as '96!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics of the '90's. We missed most of this era, but I do remember the pastel IASW. I didn't mind the colors at the time, but now that the original white is back, I can't imagine IASW any other way.

Maybe I'm odd, but I don't mind the parade improvements either. I'm not a fan of Disney parades in general, but lots of other people are, so if they have to have them, then places to sit are essential. They are serving a good double purpose now as queue space when IASW is backed up. It's a nice place to stand and admire the lagoon where the motorboats used to be.

I sure resent Tarzan destroying the Treehouse. I think the Swiss Family is due for a comeback movie and refurbishing to banish Tarzan forever. My screenplay has Jack Sparrow burying treasure on the far side of the Swiss Family island: Pirates and Castaways, it will be a sure winner and will provide attraction continuity from Indiana Jones all the way to Star Wars land.

The little experimental submersible in the Submarine queue was a nice addition, back when ocean exploration was still the theme. I guess my fondness for the treehouse means it's ok for attractions to have movie themes, but Nemo was not the right one for the submarine. Nemo would have been better as a dark ride like Little Mermaid, but I wasn't consulted.

Thank you Major and Huck, so very much.


Anonymous said...

I long for the days when strollers were just for kids and not the SUV models they are today for the use of the entire family! Another reason why the Park feels so crowded. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can see that my “street” lingo has made you uncomfortable!

K. Martinez, I think I might have seen that parade, but what is more likely is that I took the opportunity to ride a bunch of attractions while it was distracting so many people. Meanwhile, A “Yellow Submarine” attraction could potentially be incredible!

Pegleg Pete, the 80’s weren’t so great either, clothing-wise. But everyone admired my “Flock of Seagulls” haircut. Maybe that dad was a professional wrestler, in which case he is pretty dapper.

Alonzo P Hawk, thank goodness we can’t see the way he was moving his hips. And I believe you mean SIR Vanilla Ice, if you please.

TokyoMagic!, now that I think about it, I wonder how many of the people in these photos still go to the park regularly? Possibly a LOT of them, considering how things are now. I agree, those lighting/sound towers are pretty ugly.

Irene, I know - I found a ticket stub to a concert that I went to in 1982. 35 years ago?!?! WHAT? So 1996 really doesn’t seem so long ago.

DrGoat, I wonder if they will sell more Main Street Electrical Parade lights when it “glows away” for the third time (or is it the fourth?)?

Patrick Devlin, yes, Huck took some pretty nice photos, unlike me.

Anon, I actually think that’s a pretty interesting little detail!

JG, don’t you worry, I have a number of photos of the pastel IASW. I can’t say that I hated it, but as you pointed out, the original color scheme is hard to beat. I’m not sure I think of those parade additions as improvements, but hey, if you like them, that is totally OK! I can’t help wondering if there is any chance that Tarzan could “move” and the Robinson family might move back? If they really DID do an update of that film (and why haven’t they?), it would be the perfect excuse. Thanks to Irene, I also have a photo of the experimental submersible as well, so stay tuned! I think I’ve already mentioned that I am not wild about the Nemo version of the subs.

KS, oh my gosh, you’ve hit upon a brilliant idea. STROLLERS FOR ADULTS.

Matthew said...

The good ol' days when the cost to visit the Park was only $34 for an adult.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle