Friday, March 15, 2024

Tomorrowland, April 1974

I sure loved the old "New Tomorrowland"! My memories of earlier Tomorrowlands are essentially nonexistent (though my older brother remembers a few things), so for me, this was the place that fired my imagination so much. Seven years after the New Tomorrowland debuted, it still looks wonderful (as seen from the Plaza), with the classic Peoplemover on the curving track overhead. The grass is so lush, they must have used Miracle-Gro. 

Now we're inside the land o' the future, with guest's clothing ranging from "I'm going to wear shorts no matter what" to "A nice sweater will be just the thing". 


walterworld said...

What a beautiful time to be there...the waterfalls of '67 had washed away and now it was planters, which be the fate of o' so many of the 1970's water features...

Thanks a bunch for the time machine Major

JB said...

Oooh! These are really nice!

1) We've got four different flavors of PeopleMover cars. A Deep blue sky. A piece of M. Blair's mural. The iconic Bell Telephone logo. Lots of guests; but they're not distracting. Graceful palms. And, like you said, the lush green grass.

2) This one is more of a people-watching picture, but still just as vibrant as the last one. Up on the Rocket Jets platform, I like how the lady's hair is flying wildly behind her even though she hasn't even boarded her rocket yet. Looks like miss "wear shorts no matter what" is the only one doing so.

Beautiful photos. Beautiful memories. Thanks, Major.


“As we exit the Circle-Vision Pavilion, you can see the heart of Disneyland : it’s the Plaza - gateway to the many theme lands of Disneyland !”

Chuck said...

Nobody laying down and providing critical medical assistance to an injured earthworm today. Note that the railing protecting the grass does not extend all the way around the planter but ends just before the trash can. From an era when guests knew better than to step into a flowerbed but read grass as “lawn.” With today’s Instagramaniacs, they should probably put a 180° cage over the top of all plantings to prevent people with Main Character Syndrome from running amok.

I love the expression on the face of the older gentlemen in the shadows at the extreme right of the second photo. It evokes a kind of contentment that I would not have understood in 1974. Plus I want his sweater.

JB, there are also a couple of Skyway cabins lurking in the deep background. A world on the move. Simply splendiforous.

Mike, that always struck me as odd narration, since by the time you heard it, you would have already walked through the Hub to get to Tomorrowland. But I guess there would be the occasional new guest who didn’t get the memo and took the Monorail directly into Tomorrowland from the Hotel on their first visit. Freaks.

K. Martinez said...

I can never get enough Tomorrowland '67. Such perfection in theme park design and architecture. And plenty of color to give the place warmth.

Although in the distance, the "Rocket Jets" sign was always a favorite of mine with its red arrow pointing upward.

Thanks, Major.

JG said...

“Main Character Syndrome”, how true…

I could gladly step into these photos, although, by the date of April 1974, I’m already there as a kid since our high school trips were in April.

Also, it looks like adult me is there already too, the guy on the right in the dark sweater looks very familiar. Maybe there will be a Time Machine someday after all.

Thanks Major!


Melissa said...

It sure was a great, big, beautiful yesterday. So much movement, so much color. Peoplemovera and moving people. I don't know what I'm rambling about, but I know what I like.

Today's VFA goes to the cowgirl in the bottom right of the first picture. Yee-haw!

Major Pepperidge said...

walterworld, only a true Disneyland nut would realize that those planters were once fountains!

JB, seeing those Peoplemover trains always makes me happy - at first - and then sad that the ride is gone and will probably never come back. So, that lady’s hair - I guess it was windy up on that platform? Or else she was in mid-hair toss? That girl in shorts will probably be complaining once the sun sets.

Mike Cozart, I can almost imagine Jack Wagner’s voice saying that!

Chuck, a person would really have to not care if folks were staring at them if they chose to lounge on that grass. Right out in the open! At least the other grassy area was off to the side, in the shade. Presumably that wrought iron fencing was there “just in case” - don’t even think about stepping on this grass. Good eye on the Skyway gondolas, I didn’t notice those. I suppose the narration on the Peoplemover had to say something at that particular point - might as well point out the Plaza. The most exciting Plaza ever!

K. Martinez, those Imagineers knew to add color to Tomorrowland and not just make it silver and white. There was also plenty of plant life to make it feel alive, and not like a sterile movie set. I agree, that Rocket Jets sign is awesome!

JG, were you in the band in high school? It’s the only reason I can think of that your school would take trips all the way to Anaheim every year. My niece and nephew went all the way from San Luis Obispo to Anaheim for their band event, for several years in a row.

Anonymous said...

Didn't need a "weenie in the middle" to attract people. The Land in its totality was the weenie. Take me back, Jack! KS

JB said...

Melissa's VFA cowgirl is [GASP!] showing her navel!11!!! I'm surprised the censors didn't shut all of Disneyland down! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to lie down on my fainting couch.

Dean Finder said...

The cowgirl is just there a few decades early for a Halloween party where she's going as Woody from Toy Story.

I go to a Cherry Blossom festival every spring in Newark NJ (amazingly, more trees there than in DC), and inevitably there are people ruining trees at peak flower by shaking them so they can get a picture of themselves in a shower of petals for their Instagram pages.

"Lou and Sue" said...

That first one's a beauty - thank you, Major.

Dean, UGH, regarding those Cherry Blossom Blockheads.