Thursday, March 14, 2024

Disneyland Railroad, July 1964

I have a trio of photos involving the wonderful Disneyland Railroad, circa 1964. We'll start with this nice photo of the Fred Gurley (locomotive #3) as it is about to get underway after a stop at Frontierland Station. Booooooaaaaarrrrrd! 

Did somebody mention Frontierland Station? Here's a view of it from the train, sort of an interesting scene, with the Rivers of America and the Mark Twain in the distance.

And finally, in a photo taken moments later, a shot taken from the "speeding' train, with the Burning Settler's Cabin visible over on Tom Sawyer Island.


Nanook said...

Just who does that Guest think he is just lallygagging-around on the lawn in the 2nd image-! Someone needs a lesson in civil manners.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

1) This is a nice action pic, with the young engineer looking ahead attentively from the cab of the shiny train. Gotta make sure there aren't any squirrels on the track!... Are there squirrels in Disneyland? I don't remember seeing them in any of Major's photos.

2) As Nanook said: On the left, there's someone, or a couple of someones, lying in the grass. Does that happen often? We've seen little kids on various Disneyland lawns before but I don't remember seeing an adult all stretched out like that.
Is that little kiosk a ticket booth? Or a souvenir stand?

3) Even this far away, we have no trouble spotting the red-shirted settler lying down on the job. When they issued him a red shirt, he should have guessed what was coming.

Thanks for the photos, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

JB, that little kiosk is one of those individual bathrooms (think porta potty), which existed at DL, up until about 1965. Guests didn't like them because of the low windows on all four sides. ;-)

I remember always making a point to go into the "Preiview of Coming Attractions" exhibit on Main St. (the Disney Showcase shop, today) during every DL visit. It had a long upholstered bench seat in front of the windows, which had been there ever since the Wurlitzer shop was in that space. Anyway, there was ALWAYS someone stretched out on that bench seat, with their eyes closed, looking like they were dead to the world. I remember thinking, gee, these people must have had a really rough day! You would also see people trying to do that on the big square upholstered seats in the CircleVision pre-show area. But with those, adults couldn't put their feet up, since the seats weren't long enough. It still didn't stop them from laying their upper bodies across them and again closing their eyes. Isn't it really time to leave, when you feel that you actually have to lay down someplace at Disneyland?

Bu said...

Squirrels at Disneyland: have never seen one: which is odd...they seem to be everywhere else...maybe the cats eat them? Pensive Retlaw employee: my waist was that small at one point too. He needs a couple of burgers to catch up. People on grass: well: there wasn't anything to say "no"...and I don't think Unca' Walt was into those "PLEASE STAY OFF THE GRASS" signs...(read that somewhere...) For those that are lying down in photos: all I can say is "child bearing hips". Sorry...had to say it. Maybe that's why they are lying down. In labor. Could be. I also don't understand those who choose Disneyland as the "sleeping kingdom of the world". I definitely shut my eyes if I'm in the last row of a pirate boat...or if in the dark in general....but would never stop to sprawl on something in public and say "night night". Not that I don't want to. Disneyland was a prettier place back then: not that it's ugly now..well...some things are ugly...but that's a matter of opinion. I like that I can see open expanses of grass, and nice flowers un-encumbered by railings, etc. More like an actual park...which I suppose is the point. Shouldn't it be more "park like" since they actually put "Park" in the title now: "Disneyland Park". "THE Park": that makes sense. "Disneyland" :that makes sense. "Disneyland Park" does not make me. I'm sorry..oh: this is Disneyland Park? I am looking for Disneyland Shopping Center, or Disneyland Dump...where are those things? I want to go to Disneyland where there are rides...not a park where there are trees, grass, and picnic tables. I am confused. Thanks Major.

Chuck said...

I think that first photo was actually taken at the Tomorrowland station. By 1964 the tunnel behind the Haunted Mansion facade had been built next to the Frontierland depot. Also note the small section of handrail visible in the first image is totally different from the railing visible in the second picture but matches the color and size of the Tomorrowland depot railing in this photo.

JB, that little structure is the Frontierland ticket booth.

JG said...

I’ve said it before, but will say it again, the Frontierland train station & canopy are the most beautiful in the Park (park with rides). I love everything about these little structures.

I see two “Yellow X” trash cans out there waiting patiently.

I’ve never just laid down in Disneyland, but have felt tempted a couple of times. After all, the settler in the red shirt got away with it.

Thanks Major!


Andrew said...

Those two-sided benches under the depot canopy are great. I wonder what the Retlaw employee is leaning against in the same photo... is it part of the turnstile or for disposing cigarettes maybe?

Looks like a lazy day by the river, with no obnoxious crowd control ropes to be seen. Thanks Major!

Stu29573 said...

These are great!
Having ridden the train recently, I can say it's still an "E Ticket" in my book. (Chorus of people screaming, "No, it's a TRAIN!") And even though it was controversial, I like the long bit over the waterfalls sectioning off that "Wars" place.
Nice photos!

K. Martinez said...

I remember the Main Street Cinema being notorious for having people crashed out on the steps and floor of the "theater". It was like stepping over the homeless to look at all the movie screens.

I never laid down anywhere at Disneyland, but my personal choice for best place to catch a mini-nap was "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. The chairs were comfortable enough and the show could put me to sleep quickly.

Nice SF&DLRR pics! Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, did you ever stop to think that the person might be helping an injured earthworm??

JB, I am almost positive I’ve seen squirrels at Disneyland, but I also wouldn’t bet money on it. I need my money to buy candy. I think there might be TWO people laying on the grass? And yes, that is a little ticket booth, I’ll bet it was hot and airless in there. I wonder if the Dead Settler was a former Mine Train operator??

TokyoMagic!, letting people watch as one goes to the bathroom was one of those “hard facts” Walt was always talking about. I wish I’d seen the “Preview of Coming Attractions” on Main Street, I’ll bet I would have loved that. I can’t imagine laying down anywhere in Disneyland, especially for the purpose of shutting my eyes and possibly even sleeping. I guess I’m way too uptight to be able to relax in that situation!

Bu, with so much dropped popcorn (and other food), I would imagine that there are squirrels and other vermin. I realize that ducks probably get most of the popcorn. One of my best friends saw a rat at Disneyland, the feral cats were not doing their jobs. I totally get being tired at the park, but still! Just a few months ago I was resting my feet in the quiet area just outside the Lincoln theater. There was nobody else around, I was tempted to lay down, but then thought about the thousands of butts that had been on that settee, and changed my mind. I miss the areas of grass and greenery that used to be in Disneyland, especially when they did that awful removal of such places in anticipation of the huge crowds they expected for “Galaxy’s Edge”, I forget what dumb name they had for that one.

Chuck, it’s so funny, as I was writing “Frontierland Station”, I thought, “Shouldn’t we be able to see the tunnel right in front of the train?”. But what’s done is done.

JG, I do love little Frontierland Station, especially the *old* station that nearly burned down recently. I blame cigar-smoking ducks. The Peoplemover was a ride where a guest might get a nice 10 minute nap!

Andrew, I think that’s part of the turnstyle, maybe it used to be where ticket stubs could be deposited?

Stu29573, I will always ride the Disneyland RR if it is operating, in fact it’s another good place to rest if your feet are tired. Just ride it around two or three times!

K. Martinez, the only time I’ve heard of the Main Street Cinema being used like that was during those 48-hour “celebrations”. Folks would literally find any place, including flower beds, to collapse. At some point, wouldn’t it be better to just go home (or back to the hotel)? Ha ha, poor Mr. Lincoln, he can be sleep-inducing.

Steve DeGaetano said...

With the bell in mid-ring in the first picture (also a great shot of the "air ringer!"), the train is actually arriving at Tomorrowland Station, not departing.