Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Knott's Berry Farm, 1960s

I decided to mix things up and share a few Knott's Berry Farm photos. That's right, I'll do anything, no matter how crazy. These are undated, but the presence of the Timber Mountain Log Ride places it after July 11th, 1969. 

I'm sure our photographer was waiting for a log to descend the drop, when one of the narrow-gauge locomotives happened to pass by. Hey, it looks great! I'll take a picture of it! The warm afternoon sunlight really adds to the beauty of the scene, not to mention the many trees.

SPLASHDOWN! I assume that some of the people in the log are friends or family. What an amazing ride, and it's still amazing over 50 years later. I like the detail of the rafts of freshly-cut trees lashed together with chains or ropes.

Next, we're somewhere on the side of Calico Mountain, maybe even sitting in one of the dependable little mine trains that will take us through gold mines, glowing caverns, past dangerous explosions and underground waterfalls - wow, what a ride!



JB said...

You're just too crazy for me, Major. My mind is reeling from whiplash; going from Disneyland to Knott's (and probably back again!). But I'll struggle through it.... somehow.

I'm wondering what those colorful cables are sagging down above the passenger cars in both of these flume photos (close to the mountain). They look red, orange, yellow, and green. Maybe they're decorative streamers?

Evidently, the train isn't moving, as there are kids and people (kids aren't people) crossing right in front of it. I think the kid in the orange jacket is actually kicking the cowcatcher!
I thought maybe the gent dressed in brown was taking this opportunity to lose his lunch, as one does. But I see that he is tending to a little kid. Maybe the gent is a zombie and is devouring the kid..... my mind tends to work that way..... I can't help it.

Knice Knott's kpics. What... isn't the "K" always silent? Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

JB, I think the train is moving, and that kid is saying, "Hey, Mom, Dad, and little bro! Look! I can balance on one foot on the front of the train, while it's in motion!" And what makes you think that person isn't losing his lunch on the kid?

In that last pic, it looks like Marilyn and Cecilia have been replaced by a second popcorn wagon! That looks odd. The one on the left looks like it has it's serving window closed up and there isn't any popcorn in the window above the bin. Maybe they were in the process of swapping out wagons?

Thanks for more vintage Knott's pics, Major!

TokyoMagic! said...

On second glance, I think we can see Marilyn (or is it Cecilia) between the train's smokestack and dome thingy (sand dome?)

By the way, I hope it isn't early morning, because if it is, those two men are buying yesterday's stale popcorn.

Chuck said...

JB, of course the guy in brown is throwing up. It’s a natural, involuntary reflex action upon seeing Red Cliff in that paint scheme.

Stefano said...

JB, those must be Fiesta Village festive streamers, in the Mexican Flag colors -- !Que Viva Mexico! (I don't know how to manage the upside down exclamation point).

In the mid 70s, some friends and I climbed up on the pilings near the heavy ropes and chains; we were grooving on each splashdown and riders' reactions, filming some of them on GAF Super 8 film, though they were unknown to us. Finally an employee in the loading area yelled at us to get down.

Which is what the man in the hole at the top of the drop must have yelled from time to time.

K. Martinez said...

Still the best log ride I've ever experienced. And I love the smell of it. It's magic to the senses.

My favorite view at Knott's Berry Farm from the Calico Mine Ride. Classic!

Thanks, Major.

JG said...

Came by briefly to see if Chuck needed an airsick bag after seeing his favorite train, I’ll bring one back.

Major, these pictures make me want to see Knotts again after about 30 years. I’ll be careful not to eat any popcorn or corn dogs though.

The Fresh Baked video guy posted a ride-through of the Mine Train a few weeks ago. It’s looks as much fun as it ever was, and made me homesick.

Thank you.


Melissa said...

Postcardworthy. POSTCARDWORTHY! *bangs gavel, shattering jar of boysenberry preserves*

JB said...

Tokyo!, if your theory is correct about the kid balancing on the cowcatcher of a moving train, then this is obviously the last photo taken of that kid. And I like your suggestion that the gent is barfing on the kid! (It makes me smile.) It also occurs to me that perhaps the little kid is the zombie and he is devouring the man. Again, that how my mind works.

Chuck, haha! I knew you were gonna bring up the paint scheme on the train.

Stefano, it did occur to me that the colorful streamers (or whatever they are) had something to do with Fiesta Village. I wasn't sure where in the park Fiesta Village is, in relation to this photo. But I think you're probably right.

Major, it really is strange that they had the train and guests co-mingle like that; even back in the day when society was less litigious (I had to look up the spelling of that one). Surely the powers-that-be could foresee some accident happening?
Umm, were you that little kid barfing grossily?

Anonymous said...

Major and Junior Gorillas, here is the link to the Mine Train ride-through video. It's very up-to-date, about a month old.

Looks like the same ride we know and love.



JB said...

Thanks for the link, JG. I like how the animatronic figures move kinda jerkily compared to the AA at that 'other park'. The less sophisticated look is kind of refreshing.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I am glad you think these are POSTCARDWORTHY!

JB, kids can shrug off something like being barfed on, and in fact it probably builds character. However, if the kid is a zombie, I want no part of him. Stefano’s Fiesta Village theory is a great one, somehow I thought that FV didn’t come along until a few years later. Thank goodness I have smart readers! As for the train running through Calico Square, I guess they couldn’t think of anything better, though it seems logical to have it run around the perimeter of the park like at Disneyland, eliminating the need to cross the tracks. On the other hand, KBF grew organically over the years, and kept pushing its boundaries out.

JG, thank you for the link! I’ll watch it a bit later, I like to watch YouTube on my iPad - in theory it helps me sleep!

JG said...

JB & Major, you are welcome!

JB, these figures in the latest video are highly sophisticated compared to the original 1960’s ones. The crude figures have always been a trademark of Old Knotts. I remember as a kid comparing them to Disney Pirates and not understanding that the “handy-hands-at-home” approach was also charming, and now I miss it.

Major, sweet dreams!


walterworld said...

Bud Hurlbut at his finest! Railroads are the childhood dream...now forgotten.

Thanks Major