Sunday, March 24, 2024


You are getting sleepy... sleeeeeppppyyyy.... now go wash my car! Dang, it didn't work. Today's photos will induce drowsiness in even the most coffee-addicted readers. Starring with this June, 1962 shot of one of Disneyland nuclear submarines. The focus is a bit off, and the gray sky is oppressive. A few lights are on, which made me think that perhaps the sun had sent, but I think it was just overcast. Yuck!

Next, from July, 1960 comes this too-dark and weirdly-composed photo. What was the photographer pointing his lens at? "Rocks! What will they think of next!". Once again, the focus is two ticks off of where it should be. But at least we can see a bobsled, and the red Monorail!


Nanook said...

"But at least we can see a bobsled, and the red Monorail!"
AND Skyway bucket #29... my favorite-!

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

I truly think I see Fudgie.

Thanks, Major.

Lou and Sue said...

^ that was me, Sue.

JB said...

Too bad about the blurriness and overcast sky; this would have been an excellent photo with all the looping, intertwining roadways and beamways. AND, we get to see the Nautilus!

Again, too bad about the blurriness; and I agree, what exactly was he aiming at? Making lemonade out of lemons, I can see all kinds of skulls, animals, and monsters in the rockwork shapes. And with my X-ray glasses, I can see Fudgie on the opposite side of the mountain, just to the right of the Gondolas!

Sue, you must be wearing your X-ray glasses as well!

Major, thanks for the Snoozzzzz....

Lou and Sue said...

JB, AM I hallucinating, again?? Oh, my!

walterworld said...

Wish the sub was the 'Skipjack'....OK going back to sleep. Thanks Major

TokyoMagic! said...

I never sent away for x-ray glasses, so I can't see Fudgie. But I can see Cookie Puss!

Melissa said...

The gloom gives these shots a sense of foreboding, like maybe that submarine is about to launch an attack on the City of the Future.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, bucket #29? You mean “Old Lucky”?? That one’s the best!

Anon, I think Fudgie was on the other side of the Matterhorn. Maybe this is his brother?

Lou and Sue, I will need to see a photo ID.

JB, I can never get that upset about poor photos of the Lagoon, since nearly every visitor armed with a camera took a photo of the Subs! It does seem like the Nautilus doesn’t show up in pix very often though. As for photo #2, it’s probably just one of many Skyway shots the people took as their gondola zipped along; don’t be afraid of the monsters that you see in the rocks, they are petrified of you. (See what I did there??).

Lou and Sue, you picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

walterworld, I had no idea there were fans of the Skipjack!

TokyoMagic!, whenever I think of Fudgie the Whale or Cookie Puss, I think of those Carvel Ice Cream commercials with the guy (Conrad Carvel?) with the hoarse voice, he sounded like he was 180 years old.

Melissa, you should write a novel about that very situation! It wouldn’t hurt if the brave captain of the flying submarine (you know, the flying submarine!)was called “Major Pepperidge”. Hint hint.

JG said...

I don’t mind the slightly out-of-focus lagoon view. It’s how it looks in my memory, slightly fuzzy, a little blurred. I like this vantage point too, good memories. One recent addition I really like is the sound of the cold mountain wind laid on in this location, really gets me. I don’t recall hearing it clearly in other locations, but it’s very obvious along this walkway.

We never hear much back story on the subs. I’m curious how this was decided to be an attraction, and the engineering development, it’s so basic in concept “sure let’s do submarines” but overwhelming idea in detail. Over and over I am amazed by the sheer chutzpah of Disney and the original Imagineers. Today we mostly get recycled ideas dolled up with pink paint, purple glitter and Johnny Depp. Sigh.

The approaching Mountain surprised our photographer, I’m sure their attention was directed elsewhere and then it was too late to frame a better view. We do have a great view of the Nostrils, fortunately no hay fever today. Those waterfalls indicate a bit of post-Nasal drip though. My day will be better for seeing that bobsled.

Thanks Major!


K. Martinez said...

Gloom never bothered me at Disneyland. Sometimes on an overcast day, the lighting is different and the colors on ride vehicles like the PeopleMover trains and Skyway cabins stand out more. Both overcast and clear skies offer their own unique look and feel.

The composition of the second pic is fine. The Matterhorn's rockwork is interesting and that in itself is worth the image. Sometimes it's about the rockwork for me. Also, we have the Skyway and a beautiful cascading waterfall. I love this pic!

I would love a book documenting the Matterhorn during its construction process showing all the pieces and framework that made the Matterhorn what it is. There must be documentation pics of that kind of thing. That would be fascinating.

Thanks, Major!

Bu said...

A perfectly timed splash down of the Matterhorn: with a peeking Monorail: and some housing projects beyond the berm in the background. I'm not sure that is the hotel: there are "tract" apartments built behind: which still exist today. I love all the evergreens in the mountain. In my next life I think I will just like to water plants while getting thousands of dollars an hour doing it. I would be very content. I see no Fudgie: but I have never. TOM Carvel was the one with the gravely voice. As very odd as this "spokesmodel" was: we are STILL talking about Tom Carvel today. There is a joke about "how Tom Carvel goes potty": and the answer is ...well...think of how soft serve is served. Maybe that is too racy for this blog. The red coral work around the pylons is lovely: they could have just put concrete footings there: however I'm sure WD had something to say about it. I haven't been on the subs in possibly 40+ years: and it now may be a "bucket list" item. I do hear about the smell of the subs and how it possibly smells akin to Tom Carvel "making soft serve"...and I will leave it there. Thanks for the Snoozles (tm) Major!

Melissa said...

I remember Billy Crystal used to do a routine as the Carvel guy. I don't recall exactly how it went, except it riffed on how they would reuse the same molds for different cakes, and it ended with "right now I'm drooling in the vanilla."

Nanook said...

@ Bu-
"well...think of how soft serve is served. Maybe that is too racy for this blog."

Merciful heavens-!