Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Minnie and Mickey

Today I have two photos from two different batches; one featuring the lovely Minnie Mouse, and the other featuring Mickey da Mouse. We'll start with this colorful image from September, 1974. Five California girls are posing with Minnie, who stuns in her yellow satin dress (probably designed by Halston - Minnie sometimes rubbed elbows with Andy Warhol and his wealthy friends in the Hamptons). 

Next we head back in time to August, 1967. Mickey Mouse is in Town Square, surrounded by fans. The boy with the blue shirt isn't even looking at MM though, I'm not sure what's going on. But he sure seems happy to be there!  


Nanook said...

"The boy with the blue shirt isn't even looking at MM though, I'm not sure what's going on".

He's starting to practice looking at off-camera cue cards for his future job on SNL.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

In the second pic, the lady stnding behind Mickey is wearing Minnie's red dress with the white polka dots. Maybe that is why Minnie was forced to wear that hugly yellow dress. I think Minnie wore that yellow one more frequently at WDW, than she did at DL.

Lou and Sue said...

Those girls by Minnie are cute — all future Alices or Storybook Land hostesses. And they’re holding Minnie’s hands — so sweet. Minnie coordinated today’s fashion with the flowers.

I noticed that the little boys are staying by Mickey, while the girls are only by Minnie. I guess we don’t want any cooties. I understand.

Thanks, Major.

walterworld said...

Yer right Nanook, Mick is holding his composure, but still looks a little 'testy'...

Another nice one, thanks Major P!

JB said...

Major, Halston is a good guess but I'm gonna say that Minnie's gown is a Bob Mackie original. The girls all have long blonde hair; they must be sisters... or perhaps they all belong to the "Girls With Long Blonde Hair" club. As you noted, this photo really is colorful. And they are all carrying ticket books... well, three of them are, that we can see.

The happy blue-shirt kid looks like he's helping his little sibling meet The Mouse. The two girls on either side of Mr. Mouse are wearing identical dresses. Twins?

We've being treated to several costumed character photos lately. And these are as nice as the others. Thanks, Major.

Lou and Sue said...

JB, you’re right! There ARE little girls on either side of Mickey. I should have had my glasses on. I take it back — about the cooties.

TokyoMagic! said...

I guess we don’t want any cooties.

Sue, true...but what the kids don't realize is that both Mickey and Minnie can give them all the Hantavirus.

Bu said...

I looked up Hantavirus: "ew". but....true. Not sure if these mice would transmit: but you never know. The character dept. was full of sweaty bodies: by design. Lot's of emitting DNA. I like this dress on Minnie: it's a wee shiny: but it's almost like "normal with giant head". I think anyone, including these blonde lasses could rock that dress. Backstage, the zanies would switch heads for "kicks". Of course: out of ANY view of ANYONE...don't mess with the branding please on these deified creatures. Blonde boy is shaking hands with junior...maybe he is practicing for being a politician later in life. Perhaps he became a politician. I don't mind giant bow on Mickey: I like this Mickey, and his "formal" attire: including giant bow. It's a confident choice. Mickey is pretty confident, and I like him for that. Not cocky, or arrogant. Just a confident character. Kind of like the captain of the football team, who you think will be a jerk...but is actually a really nice guy, who is kind to everyone and animals too. Mickey is clearly the captain of the team here in Disneyland. In this photo he is appearing a bit wooden, but I think he is giving some leeway to the future politician in front of him. We must stay humble. Thanks Major, and thanks to whoever posted the "Fresh Baked" business in yesterday's post: I went down a rabbit hole that lasted for hours...forgot what I was doing (posting a comment on a blog), but in response to the Knotts post: I continue to be very charmed by the neighbors. Hope I make it out there at some point by the end of the year. Thanks Major.

Stu29573 said...

I was going to point out that big bro seems to be helping little bro meet "da Mouse," but JB beat me to it, so now I'm going with big bro is feeding little bro to him. And just like that, a wonderful wholesome photo gets twisted! You're welcome!

Stefano said...

Once again, I think this Minnie is a drag performance. The arms, the build, the stance suggest a short and athletic young male. If that is a bosom on Minnie it looks pretty askew; the puffy sleeve tops would help conceal a male's broader shoulders.

For many years a young woman played Peter Pan in the park, which tradition went back to Nina Boucicault in the first staging of 1904. It's anyone's guess as to why some Spanish and Japanese boys in it's a small world were changed to girls after a several decades.

JG said...

Yellow is very becoming to Minnie. I know that’s a grammatical sentence but it still sounds weird. What is the yellow becoming? Butter? marigolds? Galliano liqueur? The mind feels at the oddness of English. Anyhow, great dress. Cute kids.

The young fellow in front of Mickey is his Secret Service bodyguard. His earpiece is on his right ear out of sight.

I’m off to the Hills Bothers Coffee Garden (as Winnie-The-Pooh would style it).

Thank you Major!


Bu, blame me for the Knotts video.

JB said...

Stu, I like your theory of big bro feeding li'l bro to The Mouse. Like Bu says, Mickey is the captain of the Disney team, and most people don't know that it takes roughly two-and-a-half tons of food to keep him going on a daily basis: burgers, pizza, churros, kids, etc.

Stefano, Thanks for the Peter Pan info regarding why females have traditionally played Pan over the years. I've wondered about that.

Major Pepperidge said...

Sorry guys, I’ve been having computer issues all day. At least I can type for now…

Nanook, there’s nothing more natural than an actor reading from cue cards on SNL.

TokyoMagic!, that lady reminds me of when I went to CalArts, thinking I might want to go there, and a girl in our tour group wore a red dress with white polka dots. She was channeling Minnie Mouse!

Lou and Sue, do you think all of those girls are sisters? Some have a definite family resemblance, while others… I’m not sure. And cooties are the worst!

walterworld, I think Mickey is “on something”.

JB, just hearing Bob Mackie’s name reminds me of watching The Carol Burnett Show, or “Sonny and Cher”. Do all of his fashions survive in a bomb proof shelter? You might be right about the boy helping a sibling to step up - those characters can be scary. If so, good for him! And yes, those look like twins, or at least they are wearing identical dresses.

Lou and Sue, OH YEAH!

TokyoMagic!, whatever happened to Hantavirus? It was all the rage for a while, now I don’t even hear about it.

Bu, I’ve always wondered how they thoroughly cleaned out those character costumes between shifts. Imagine putting on a Mickey head full of somebody else’s sweat! YUCK. I hope they sanitized them for their protection. I wanted to be a politician, but I messed up and kissed hands and shook babies. That was the end. I do like Mickey, he’s a good ambassador, but his cartoons were often beautiful to look at, but boring. With exceptions of course (“The Brave Little Tailor”). I miss the rascal Mickey from the early days when he would go to cannibal islands or the labs of mad scientists. I hope you make it to Knott’s this year!

Stu29573, I’m pretty sure that Big Bro is hiding a salt shaker, he just seasoned his little bro. Mickey will eat him in one gulp!

Stefano, funny, I was thinking that Minnie appeared to have a bosom, but that can be faked. Would they bother though? I wonder if most characters are performed by males? A Buzz Lightyear I posed with years ago was so petite, I find it hard to believe there was a guy inside, but it’s not impossible.

JG, I like yellow. Me and Vincent Van Gogh. I knew a girl who hated yellow, or so she claimed. Any color can look good or bad depending on its setting. But generally I like the cheerful warmth of a rich yellow. As for the oddness of the English language, I’m surprised anybody can learn it. It makes no sense, to the point where native speakers don’t know the rules.

JB, sounds like Mickey eats like some of those Olympic athletes. We’ve all seen the videos of the swimmers eating giant bowls of pasta. JEALOUS. Now I want pasta.