Sunday, February 04, 2024


Yes, it's SNOOZLE time. You may be excused if you have a note from your doctor. 

We'll start with this 1950s photo, which is full of many obvious flaws, BUT... it's at least an interesting angle. I'll take it! Our photographer was standing in the Plaza, notice the long-gone flower (weed?) bed at the bottom of the frame. I thought this might be roughly where the "Partners" statue stands today, but I think that location might be a hotdog's-eating length away. Not to get too technical. Anyway, we're looking toward the Coke Corner, but I'm not really sure what inspired the photographer to take this picture. 

And here's yet another too-dark photo from April, 1974, with a look at Cinderella Castle and Brewpub, sponsored by Coors. It's really not a terrible picture, just kind of "meh". Plus we can't see the pumpkin coach on the winding roadway, which knocks off another 7 points.


Lou and Sue said...

I think I know why our photographer took that first shot. See that person standing on the street corner—to the right of Ms. White Sunglasses? Hee hee

JB said...

1) I like the tiny cowboy riding on his daddy's shoulders (Dad is wearing a red shirt). And at the left edge there is another little kid on his dad's shoulders. On the extreme right there is a mom (in a red "coolie" hat) pushing an actual baby buggy (or pram) instead of a stroller.

2) Even with it being too dark, and no pumpkin coach (boo), it's still an excellent photo of the Cinderella Castle. Perfect lighting to show off all the details. Often times, it's kinda overexposed and washed out. You know I had to look for the coach anyway, right? Saying that it wasn't there made the search irresistible.

Sue, you could be right about the gal standin' on the corner. But the umbrellas are the most prominent things in the photo. Plus they're centered. Maybe the photog had a thing for big colorful umbrellas. Coke Corner is also centered but it's most obscured by trees and the yellow umbrella.

Major, as Snoozles go, these aren't so snoozley, especially the last one. Like you said, "just kind of meh". Thanks.

Lou and Sue said...

I see that Stu just returned from his Disneyland trip — and he did a trip report on his blog: Stu’s Attic
You won’t want to miss it!
Mike C. —You especially won’t want to miss it!

Lou and Sue said...

JB, that’s a GAL??

JB said...

Oh, that reminds me. Andrew has a new post up as well. Kennywood! Thanks for the heads-up, Sue.

Sue, Ha! I wasn't really sure if it was a gal or a guy. I finally went with gal, but after a second look it's probably a guy. (The black socks sorta say "guy".)

TokyoMagic! said...

That blue umbrella just might be blocking the signage for the Cole of California swimsuit shop.

Happy Snoozle™ Sunday, to all who celebrate!

TokyoMagic! said...

JB and Sue, that guy just came from the Cole of California shop and decided to wear his purchase for the remainder of his visit.

Lou and Sue said...



Sue: your first comment is going in your file.

JG said...

Since I am filled with Obvious Flaws, I feel synchronicity with both photos.

Sad because photo 1 has no trash cans, nor any view of the swimsuit shop. I’m going to guess the photo target was the Horse-Drawn Vehicle which probably looked closer and more evident in real life. The bloke on the corner is probably modeling his swimsuit (Sue, I see what you did there…).

Photo 2 also has no trash cans, not even tiny ones on the castle driveway. Where do Story Book Land denizens drop their trash or recycle beer cans? I do like the view of Cindy’s place against the backdrop of trees and cliffs. I wish now it were a brewpub, because that would be awesome and we could get a ride from the Pumpkin Uber back to our hotel afterwards.

completely unrelated, I just discovered one of my favorite microbrews comes in a can now, so that’s another plus.

Hope all the Junior gorillas stay safe in the storms!


Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue - well! That’s a look! Even for today that guy’s outfit might get glances. 60+ years ago? Pretty crazy.

JB, cowboys were smaller back then, it’s a scientific fact. Those old-fashioned baby buggies are probably better for actual tiny babies? You are right that photos of Cinderella Castle are often over-exposed, I guess all those rocks reflect too much light. Is that a gal standing on the corner?? The black socks are throwing me off. I have to admit that this person is a real anomaly.

Lou and Sue, I’ll check out Stu’s blog!

Lou and Sue, I thought it was a guy, just like you did!

JB, thanks for the heads up on Andrew’s blog.

TokyoMagic!, it’s pretty rare to actually be able to see the “Cole of California” shop, I wish we could see it in that photo.

TokyoMagic!, that guy was sad that Speedos didn’t exist yet. Maybe he invented them?

Lou and Sue, ha ha.

Mike Cozart, I need to see that file.

JG, I admit that it is kind of surprising that there are no trashcans visible in that photo of the Plaza, an area that tends to get very crowded; what gives? Were all the cans just out of frame? You might be right about the photo subject, the Surrey gets kind of lost in the shadows, but at least it makes sense. Would the Story Book Land brewpub serve tiny beers? “Give me 50 IPAs!”. Be sure to look for your favorite microbrew in pill form. So far the storms have been pretty mild, to the point where I actually wish they were stronger. We need that water.

Anonymous said...

We are definitely here to appreciate and remember - getting a clandestine, yet permanent look at the fabulous creature in black shoes and white hat…flaunting a glorious tan and nice legs, enjoying the beautiful day.


DBenson said...

I know the Cinderella castle isn't meant to be a forced perspective illusion, but it's still a bit weird to see it dwarfed by background trees. In fact, on last visit (shortly before Galaxy's Edge opened) the real castle seemed a bit diminished by the surrounding mature trees. Shade and greenery is always desirable, and even minimizing buildings amidst flora is usually a good thing. But castles ought to be imposing.

Melissa said...

Foreground Lady kind of looks like Patricia Hitchcock in Strangers on a Train.

Major Pepperidge said...

MS, that guy is living his best life!

DBenson, that’s been a problem in other instances at Disneyland - Cascade Peak comes to mind immediately. When first built, it stood surrounded by only appropriately-scaled trees and plants. But over the years, some of the trees grew to be so large as to be almost as tall as Cascade Peak itself.

Melissa, she’s looking at a guest who looks just like Robert Walker!