Sunday, February 11, 2024


In Belgium, Snoozles are called <i>Snerzles</i>, and as an honorary Belgian, I thought it would be fun to mix things up. Are you having fun? ARE YOU??

Today's first Snerzle is from October of 1971. I was probably excited about wearing my Snoopy costume with the blinking light on the nose for the upcoming Trick-Or-Treating; yes, it was a big hit, especially with the ladies! We're about to be run over by a Horseless Carriage, and I am vacillating between not wanting to die and bemusement over the absurdity of the situation. I don't have many good pictures of the Horseless Carriages, but this one went too dark. A common problem with slides from the 1970s I have found.

Another Snerzle is from March, 1963. It's a very boring photo of you-know-what. I can't say the name of the mountain because I am already being sponsored by Mount Kilimanjaro and I don't want to give up those sweet, sweet Benjamins. This picture is too dark, and we don't get a bobsled (OR DO WE?) or even the Skyway. 

As we say in Belgium, "The horse must graze where it is tethered". Think about it!


JB said...

Major, I'm having so much fun I can't stand it! It's like listening to Vogon poetry. Thankfully, I have my towel with me so I can wrap it around my head to minimize the sound. Now... on with the Snerzles!

I really like the way this Horseless Carriage looks. A cute, compact, cozy, carriage. It's especially nice in bright yellow with black trim. I think the darkness actually improves the appearance of the Carriage.
We can't quite see the window above the Fire Dept. So we don't know if Walt was at home or not... Of course, he'd been gone for several years by the time this photo was taken, but you never know.

The Mountain-Which-Shall-Not-Be Named looks so far away in this photo! Usually it looks much larger and closer in photos taken from the Plaza/Hub. And again, the darkness improves the photo; placing the emphasis on the Mountain and the sky, which looks fine.
Seems awfully strange that we don't see any Skyway buckets; we can see the cables on the right. Not sure if it's a Bobsled, but we can see something in the uppermost hole to the right of the waterfall. Something yellow and light blue. Maybe passengers in a Bobsled?

Belgian adages seem to be a lot like Vogon poetry. Good thing I still have my towel handy! Thanks, Major.


Looks like that day October 1971 the Main Street Horsecar was getting no love . Imagine that month so much attention was directed on Florida ….. after many years of anticipation. So much so , the Disneylander’s felt neglected and forgotten… that a whole employee moral boosting program was developed called “THIS IS DISNEYLAND!!” And more imput from castmembers to help them feel “heard” including the Disneyland 7 year master plan headed by Rolly Crump upon his return from Florida. This expansion program included an expanded Frontierland with Western River Expedition, Thunder Mountain runaway Railroad, A Liberty Square with its entry to be located between Frontierland and Fantasyland, a relocated dumbo , a Pinocchio village and Pinocchio attraction , a Fantasia attraction , Bear Country , Space Mountain , and The Mickey Mouse Revue we’re are planned to join Disneyland . Country Bear Jamboree kicked off the 7 year master plan and shorty after it opened the gas crises started and Disneyland attendance came to a screeching halt ….. and most of the expansion program became greatly scaled back . Smaller attractions were given the green light cautiously… like The Walt Disney Story , America Sings and Mission To Mars … by 1974 the master plan now revised some earlier ideas to include Discovery Bay and Dumbo Circusland … western river and Mickey Mouse revue and liberty square were set aside and ultimately abandoned.

Oh yeah … no guests are riding the Horsecar!!

Chuck said...

The deep shadows makes it look like the horse-drawn street car is floating, much like you’d imagine transportation to look on Tatooine around the turn of the century, with the dewbacks replaced with Belgians (the horse breed, not the waffle). Looks like they were anticipating a Star Wars land as early as >THX 1138. Note the Global Van in the right background as well as posters for the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and Harold’s Mountain.

JB’s comment about not being able to see Walt’s apartment window made me realize that by this point, the trees would have severely restricted the view from that window. That would have made it really hard to flick chili with any degree of accuracy.

I agree with JB and the Major that that looks like it could be a bobsled in the second photo. I suppose it might be a yeti, although that’s less likely since this was taken before sightings were common.

Note the House of the Future and (from left to right) the flags of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Delaware, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. As you can see here, flags were displayed in the states’ order of admission, beginning with the pole closest to the Hub on the south side of the Tomorrowland entrance, working their way around the Court of Flags and back to the Hub on the north side of the walkway. If this is from 1961, you’d expect Alaska and Hawaii (both admitted in 1959) to be at the back of the line. Assuming each pole had a plaque naming the state, maybe it was easier just to add two poles somewhere else in the area (maybe by the Clock of the World?) rather than have to move plaques around. I feel like I researched this once long ago, but I’m too pressed for time to research my research.

Thanks for the lesson in Belgian expressionism, Major!

K. Martinez said...

Composition wise, the Horseless Carriage pic is postcard worthy. The woman getting a ride is obviously pregnant. The guy in white next to her must be the husband or boyfriend.

There is no hospital on Main Street, USA for her to deliver her baby. Just a City Hall, Fire Department and Police Department. Come to think of it, there's no school on Main Street to educate her child either. I guess the Main Streeters of Disneyland had to go to Knott's Old School House to get their education.

Thanks, Major.

JG said...

This fine example of horse sketching is sitting empty and that’s too bad. I just noticed how the route is described on the roof sign, DEPOT MAIN STREET PLAZA. Presumably it’s reversed on the other side.

The Main Street Vehicles really were a stroke of genius, colorful, lively, cheerful transport, providing gainful employment for so many horses who might otherwise have become delinquent. Many went on to be famous illustrators, annimators, and caricature artists.

That mountain sure looks familiar too. If that isn’t a bobsled we see, then those guests are out walking on the track. And there’s a trash can going it solo over to the left. Nearly impossible to take a photo in the Park without including one, although photo 1 managed it.

Thanks Major!


Bu said...

Snerzles (tm) is that what a Snoozle (tm) is when you go down to TJ and buy a Snerlouis Vuitom bag from a street vendor? Enquiring minds what to know. I am always enchanted with fake purse ninjas. In the backround: photo one: I see the inspiration for the Space Mountain costume 8 years prior to the launch...or was it 6 years? Potato, any case she is working her orange jump suit. Disneyland in the 70's in her glory days for sure, on a low attendance day: with relative peace and quiet in most of the park. I can hear the putt putt of the horseless carriage, and smell the horses. The street looks very neat and tidy. Chili flinging was a thing I am sure in some iteration. I do not remember Chili at the Inn-Between or the DEC or commonly referred to "The Pit" ever...perhaps it was to keep employees from flinging. Could be. German potato soup was flinged however which ended a career and that is for another time. I also wondered about the big tree off to the side of the apartment as it theoretically would block the view of the fireworks and parades: but oddly: it does and did not. At this time the family would still be "in residence". A neat IP idea would be to rename the mountain that was not named to "Witch Mountain" where you board mini-Winnebagos and "escape" down treacherous peaks and valleys. All you would really need to do is put a big "W" sticker on the front of the toboggans and change a few signs and "poof": a new ride! I would like the House of the Future to be rebuilt in some iteration, and seriously, I'm not sure why someone hasn't. The Hojo's across the street touts a "House of the Future" suite: which:'s a decent "nod". I'm not sure if "normies" get the connection- but it's cool. Hojo's in itself, is a tribute to "the New Tomorrowland/World's Fair" era: opening in '65 when Disneyland was "just getting started". Thanks to those who haven't demolished it! I'm catching up on the GDB as my work distracts me....what's a Weebelow again? Thanks Major!

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I agree, the composition of that first one is nice (in fact it reminds me of a somewhat scarce postcard), but that whole batch of slides was underexposed. I can only assume that the photographer had the wrong settings on his camera, and it’s a real shame, since there are many pictures that would otherwise be quite nice. Your mention of no school on Main Street made me think that I might have seen concept art (early art) that had a little schoolhouse, much like the one at Knott’s, but it clearly did not make the cut.

JG, wow,n now I want to know if the sign on the roof really does say something else on the opposite side! After my recent trip to the park, I reported to Mr. X and he always asks about the Main Street Vehicles - I was happy to be able to tell him that there were Horseless Carriages, the Firetruck, the Horse-Drawn Streetcar, and at least one Omnibus, so that was nice. I thought that perhaps the bobsled was making a turn, which is why it appears smaller than we might expect. No idea though.

Bu, Snerzles are sometimes hard to discern from Snoozles, it takes an expert many years to learn the difference. Fluency in ancient Egyptian is useful. I think Space Mountain debuted in 1977, something I only know because of my collection of vintage brochures. “Coming Summer 1977!”. I do wonder if there are ever very slow days at Disneyland anymore - since I was there in the pouring rain a few weeks ago, and there were PLENTY of other guests. I’m not sure if they ever served chili at Disneyland, but as you know, Walt kept a supply of canned chili in his apartment. Not to mention that damn grilled cheese press! They love to show you that grilled cheese press. Lily would sit there with her pink-framed glasses on the table while Walt warmed up a saucepan full of chili. I’m still unclear as to why the Disney family moved all of Walt’s stuff out, what was the reason they did it when they did it? Houses of the Future might be small and pre-fab (even THAT is a pipe dream), but people would presumably love to have a small place than NO place.

LTL said...

one of the absolute best parts of the Matterhorn, which I always looked forward to, was climbing the lift hill, seeing all the rafters and structure, exiting through the opening at the top, and having a brief amount of time to survey your surroundings from the "great height" as you slowly took a turn before plugging downhill.

I "literally" (?) could not believe that DL would close up that awesome part of the ride when the "improved" it with ice caves and a yeti.

oh, well. Hey, maybe the Yacht Bar can sell Yeti Spaghetti.

Anonymous said... was a tremendous disappointment that Disney didn't move forward on all that it promised with Discovery Bay after years of teasing it. I am certain it would be intact today if it had been built and would be very popular. Major, if your Belgian is over 19 hands it can pretty much take itself and the object it is tethered to anywhere it wants! Fortunately, they usually are loyal to the handler's instructions. KS


Major ; Rolly was in charge of the Walt Disney world fantasyland dark rides . After installation and opening he returned to california and became in charge of DISNEYLAND’d 7 year master plan .

Western river expedition was being planned for Disneyland almost longer than it was for Florida . And for Tokyo Disneyland till about 1985. Western River Expedition was planed for Disneyland by 1972 … in a separate Thunder Mesa show building AND big thunder as a separate attraction - pretty much where it was built. This separation for Disneyland was done by designers long before Tony Baxter returned from 20,000 leagues installation at WDW. He is given credit for separating WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITION and BIG THUNDER in Florida. But this was a design move already determined by other imagineers. Toby baxter was told to make a model of what it would look like in Florida as two separate attractions - it wasn’t his idea as it has been incorrectly told over the years .

WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITION at Disneyland california remained in the planning board until 1982. First located north of the friendly Indian village … with the DL RR passing in-front ( like it’s small world) then later as part of a new land LAND OF LEGENDS … cone ting BEAR COUNTRY to FRONTIERLAND at the north end of the rivers of America. It is no longer on the master plans by 1983.

WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITION at WDW was pretty much killed off after EPCOT CENTER opened.

WESTERN RIVER EXPEDITION remained on master plan proposals for Tokyo Disneyland from 1977 till the mid 1980’s …. Splash mountain killed WRE at Tokyo taking its last location.

Rolly’s Disneyland 7 year master plan was being used as a basic guide long after rolly left in the mid 70’s to start his own company . He returned to work as art director on LAND PAVLION .. that used AA BUFFALO AND PRARIE DOGS fabricated for WESTRN RIVER EXPEDITION.


The Disneyland horseless carriages RED and YELLOW … re-designed early on to increase capacity is based on the American motorcar Tonneau AUTOCAR using the 1903 model as a guide . One of the first American cars to use aluminum in its construction. But when the red car debuted in 1956 it was almost identical to the 1903 AUTOCAR TONNEAU.