Tuesday, February 27, 2024

More Scans From Keith Schad

Due to technical issues, it's been a little while since we've looked at some of Keith Schad's family photo of Disneyland. But I had The Fonz give my computer a thump, and everything works great now, so I'm back in business. All of these are from the 1958 batch taken by Keith's wife's Great Grandpa!

Oh boy, this one is great, just look at all those wonderful Autopia vehicles (as seen from a train at Tomorrowland Station). I'm assuming they are Mark IVs since the photo is from 1958 - from what I've read, the first four iterations of Autopia vehicles are visually identical. The Mark V vehicles came along in 1959, easily identifiable by the "eyebrows" and headlights.

Another photo from Tomorrowland Station shows a stretch of mostly-empty track, but with the nice view of Holiday Hill in the distance. 

Next is a photo with the Yacht Bar, looking deserted, and the Skyway, with no people in any of the gondolas. Where is everybody? I'm assuming the Skyway was down for maintenance, because as far as I can tell it's the afternoon, and you'd think that the ride would be up and running.

SO... that was the last of the 1958 Disneyland slides, but there was one Knott's Berry Farm image that snuck in there. I'm including it just for fun; look at all of the colorful clothing. And the upper balcony of the Calico Saloon shows plenty of folks who wanted a nice view of Calico Square. Love the eucalyptus trees!

 There are more scans from Keith from his 1971(ish) batch, so stay tuned for those. THANK YOU, Keith Schad!


Nanook said...

"... the Skyway, with no people in any of the gondolas. Where is everybody?"

It was the special 'hide-and-go-seek' launch. If you call-out 'olly olly oxen free', everyone's head will pop-up-!

Thanks to Keith.

walterworld said...

That second shot from the train station could be taken today for a nice then-and-now (unless they've destroyed it since my last visit)

Thank you Major

JB said...

1) Wow, a traffic jam on the Disney Expressway. Looks like the lead car (on the overpass) is being tended to by a NASA guy CM. Did the car run out of gas?

2) Ladies and gentlemen, the backside of the Richfield Space Station billboard!

3) This is a still frame from a Twilight Zone episode. You know, the one where the astronaut returns to Earth and finds everybody gone. Turns out he's actually just a figure inside a model, and he is only half an inch tall.

4) The KBF Ghost Town looks pretty crowded! The yellow clothing stands out from all the other colors. I wonder if the two ladies in yellow dresses are related, or in the same group?

Thanks Keith once again for sharing your family photos with us. And thank YOU, Major.

Lou and Sue said...

In the 1st image, I see that Andy and Opie rear-ended Goober.

In the 2nd, the Skyway lines really do look “down,” from this angle. Maybe Andy and Opie hit one of the support towers, too.

Fun pictures - thanks, Keith and Major.

JG said...

I like photo 2, good clear view of the station ceiling showing the steel “B Deck” still available today for roof deck and HVAC unit screens. I’ve said it before and will do so again, the Tomorrowland Station is a little gem, I hope it lasts forever.

Also seeing the Richfield gas pumps out there on the islands. JB, thanks for pointing out the billboard, I couldn’t figure out what was. No chicken coops in Autopia.

Yacht Bar is ready for the lunch rush, two silver trash cans at attention, or maybe those are R2 units.

I seem to remember a sign in the Calico Saloon (might have been Virginia City). “If you Must Spit, Spit on the Ceiling, Any Idiot Can Spit on the Floor”. Ew.

Thank you Keith and Major!


Anonymous said...

Something happened to that vehicle in the first shot. Seeing so many looking back tells you it was bumper-car time! Yes...I'll confess...I participated too. I can still hear the sound of cars bumping into each other. 'Whip-lash' was part of the attraction at that time. KS

Melissa said...

There once was a guest from Nantucket
Who paid for his ticket with ducats.
He's not in this photo,
Just why, we don't know, though -
Is he crouching down in his bucket?
He came to the great Land of Disney,
But all we can say is, "Where is he?"
Perhaps he is hiding.
Perhaps he's not riding,
'Cause towering height make him dizzy.

I love the architecture of the Yacht Bar. It's like a cross between a Polaroid camera and a club sandwich. And look at all those pretty summer dresses in the Knott's picture! The VFA goes to the two ladies in bright yellow; they look like a pair of upturned buttercups. I wonder if they're together or if it's just a coincidence?

"In the 1st image, I see that Andy and Opie rear-ended Goober."

Now Barney's going to have to give him a ticket. You got to nip these things in the bud.

Big thanks to Keith and Mrs. Keith and Great-Grandpa Mrs. Keith! (And the Major, too.)

Nanook said...

@ Oh, Melissa-
You are so after my heart... 'Nantucket & ducat'. I know Lorenz Hart has taken notice...
"Beans could get no keener re-
Ception, in a beanery


"While you love your lover, let
Blue skies be your coverlet-

Melissa said...

Those are a couple of real gems, Nanook!