Tuesday, February 06, 2024

A Pair From August 1966

Well, today is Tuesday, but these scans are pretty dull stuff; perhaps I should have saved them for a Snoozle Sunday. But it's too late now, the gears are in motion, the fuse has been lit, the donkey has been washed. 

It's the Matterhorn. Yep. An impressive sight, though I have grown jaded. Oh who am I kidding? I still love it. As Walt pointed out, this Swiss mountain is full of holes, formed from battling abominable snowmen. And women, they could fight too! I'm happy to see a bobsled, and that means GOOD LUCK. Anywhere from 17 minutes of it, up to six hours.

The Snow White Grotto is one of my TOP 12 GROTTOS (the Playboy Mansion's grotto is #1, of course). This photo is kind of pretty with the trees and splashing water, but it also has that little boy who thinks he's better than me. WELL HE'S NOT! Sure, he has the clothes, and plenty of savoir-faire, but he lacks PEP, which I have in spades. Let's go over to the wishing well and see if our wish comes true even if we drop our gum into it.


Nanook said...

I believe that 'diving board-like' object that seems to be poking into the fella with the white tee shirt is the top edge of the wall as SEEN HERE on the right.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

"the donkey has been washed". haha, I hadn't heard that one before. Is that a Major P. original?

The guy on the right is about to get slurped up by a giant chameleon's sticky tongue! Either that, or someone just gave him the world's biggest wedgie. What IS that gray thing anyway?
No Hans, Fritz, or Otto... no Monorail train... but it's still a very nice photo of the holey Mountain.

Put that boy out in the middle of a corn field. Those pants will keep the crows away! Besides gum, I wonder what else they've found in that wishing well? Dentures? Cameras? Flash bulbs? Eye glasses? I guess it's nice that we have the grotto and the wishing well in the same photo, but
we don't get very good views of either, here. And of course there's Junior's pants.

Wow! Nanook solved the mystery of the gray thing even before I had a chance to ask! Now my mind is at ease... don't have to worry about getting slurped by giant chameleons tonight!

Not Snoozles at all, Major! Thanks for the views.

Budblade said...

I’m going to start throwing that into normal conversations to see if anyone notices.
“We might as well keep going….the donkey is already washed”
“You washed the donkey on that one!”
“If only we had washed the donkey”

Thanks for the fun I’m about to have, and some nice pictures to think about!

JG said...

“The Donkey Has Been Washed…”

Those used to be the code words for me to go check the dead drop in the Castle basement beside the pipes next to the churro bakery door, if they showed up in a classified ad in Disney News.

That’s probably the best view of the Matterhorn since it’s the angle most guests see on arrival, assuming you walked up Main Street and did not chimp out riding the monorail. The Screaming Kid Tree is behind the camera viewpoint to the right. A fine picture.

Major, I agree the Playboy Grotto has to be number one, and the Seafood Grotto in San Diego should be on the list too, and generally I mourn our National shortage of exemplary grottoes and hope this can be corrected somehow. Perhaps a Federal subsidy for grotto construction? A nice solid word, “grotto”, “grottoes”, “grotto”. I like it, fun to say…

I have a soft spot for the Snow White Grotto. I hope it is never plussed or converted into the Encanto Grotto or some other thing, or even worse, used to promote the possibly-no-longer-forthcoming live action SW remake.

Thanks Major, good stuff today. “ Grotto”


Lou and Sue said...


Stu29573 said...

On my recent trip, I took several pics of the Matterhorn, but none of the Grotto (even though we walked right past it several times.)
Therefore, I shall steal yours!
[Stu grabs photo and scampers off, giggling]

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I would say that your hypothesis is correct! Though there really should be a random diving board in the middle of Disneyland.

JB, I read that saying in an old scroll. After reading the words aloud (in Latin of course), there was a flash and the sound of a thousand screams! But I’m sure it was nothing. See Nanook’s comment re: the gray thing. Since we have a bobsled, I’m fine with no Matterhorn climbers. Plaid pants protect the young, confusing lions and other carnivores. I’ll bet they’ve found all kinds of crazy things in the Wishing Well, at this point I’m sure phones, cameras, glasses, wallets, purses… folks get silly, and then they pay the price. Oh you saw Nanook’s comment after all, he gets all of the credit and all of the money.

Budblade, I approve of your strategy to add more donkey-based sayings to our culture! There is no downside. Glad you enjoyed today’s post!

JG, Remember when Disney movies all had to have a chimp in them? It was weird! You mentioned the Castle basement - in a 1955 issue of LIFE magazine, there was a blurb about how there was going to be a torture chamber beneath the Castle, with fun props like iron maidens, racks, and that sort of thing. I guess somebody thought better of that idea. Also, when you said Seafood Grotto I thought you were going to say the one at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, which I can’t recall the name of right now. I would love to have a grotto! With a waterfall and plenty of Martin Denny music playing. I agree with you, I worry about the Snow White Grotto, if they can mess with the Haunted Mansion the way they have, who knows what else they are willing to do?

Lou and Sue, I can’t decide, does JG like trashcans more? Or pylons? I’m voting for trashcans.

Stu29573, you are welcome to my pic! Use it wisely.

Dean Finder said...

Does Disney still spin the story that the statues in the Snow White Grotto were a gift to Walt? That would make me think they won't change it at Disneyland. At WDW in Florida, I could easily imagine an "update."