Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Adventureland, April 1974

Oh man, this batch of "too-dark" 1974 photos has got to end. IT GOTS TO! But not yet, I'm sorry to say. Today we are in Adventureland, which admittedly feels a little bit more appropriate with some dark and mysterious shadows. What might be lurking there? Queen snakes? Rare Oxnard tigers? (It's been a while since I have mentioned my beloved Oxnard). Those big animals with the things (you know what I mean). 

Anyway, we're behind a groovy woman who is entering Adventureland while wearing a leather coat, so you know she could cut you if you gave her any trouble. She's wearing an eyepatch, but not because she needs it, but because it looks badass. It's sort of like when Sylvester Stallone wears glasses so that we know he's an intellectual. Folks to the left are waiting to see The Enchanted Tiki Room, with Uti guarding in her outrigger canoe above the entrance. 

I always enjoy "candid" views from inside Adventureland, they aren't that common. If this one wasn't so dark, you would be able to see the Tiki Room again, with the Tahitian Terrace to the right of it. To the left, the Bazaar, full of wonderful things. 


JB said...

Oh man, those big animals with the things are the worst! They gave me nightmares as a kid; I didn't sleep till I was thirteen years old!....... I got better...... sorta.

I agree, the darkness looks right at home here. It adds to the adventure. On the right, people have tethered their strollers to the fence so they can graze while their masters experience the Tiki Room. For a nominal upcharge, you can get a bag of stroller chow to keep your beast happy and content.
When I want people to take me seriously, I wear my Beany-Copter hat. And boy howdy, does it work!
People show their deference by giving me a wide berth.

In the next photo, guests have sorted themselves out by color: The red-shirts to the left (they won't last long!). Farther to the right is a lady enshrouded in lime-sherbet green. Behind her are the pink/magenta/purple gals. Closer to the camera are the ladies-in-white (one of them is fraternizing with the red-shirts, but she has purple pants, so I'm not sure where she belongs).
What kind of tree is that, in the foreground? It has red blossoms.

Nice photos, Major; even with the deep, mysterious shadows. Or maybe because of them. Thanks.

Bu said...

I'll keep it short and sweet: looks like Farrah Fawcett Majors has just come off the set of her Wella Balsam commercial: the balsam in the shampoo and conditioner make hair oh so shiny! Strollers: just not pretty! (enough said!) The tree I think is a Coral Tree. Parrots LOVE these trees. One morning at a friends house in Culver City (home of MGM et al) his coral tree in the front yard was COVERED in green parrots: there were hundreds of them...all talking and chattering. It was quite the sight: they were nibbling at all of the red blossoms. It looks like that specimen has been cabled for safety. I don't see that a lot out West. In the NE I have most of my maples cabled. Big trees are pretty, and they scare me to death in big wind storms: hence: cables. Thanks Major for bringing us into the darkness!

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, I once saw one of those animals with the things, and it gave me the whim-whams. I was nearly hospitalized! I can see the darkness being appropriate, but it’s still annoying. This whole batch of slides is an exercise in frustration. And I need all the exercise I can get. Funny about the strollers sitting right there waiting for the Tiki Room patrons, but I guess they had nothing better back then. The colors in the second photo are an example of why this picture would be so much better if it wasn’t so damn dark. It’s a very unusual angle, even if it’s not the most exciting thing in the world.

Bu, I’m thrilled to have a picture of Farrah from just before she really hit it big with “Charlie’s Angels”. Her hair really is bouncy - but manageable! A coral tree, that somehow seems right. Beautiful red blossoms. Those green parrots are so neat, but MAN they make a racket. Seems as if they are becoming more and more numerous, even in my mom’s neighborhood. I used to live in Pasadena, and a tree about two blocks away was a favorite roost for them - I was grateful that they weren’t any closer! But when I see two or four of them flying by during a hike, it’s fun.

JG said...

The things…. Very concerning.

I think the thing I like most about both pics is that most views can be (mostly) reproduced today. Seems like this corner of the Park has been less muddled with.

Also, who decided those old strollers had to be “turquoise”? Ew.

Thanks Major, there will be light at the end of tunnel some day, Mr. Toad says so!


Anonymous said...

Despite the darkness, the colors still pop for me. The lack of strollers tells me it was a slow day, comparatively speaking...perhaps mid-week. A coral tree it is there near the old entrance to the Jungle Cruise. And off to the right was Tropical Imports, full of little trinkets and plastic flowers....and pretty CMs. I recall the tree being invaded by parrots...and of course they would leave their 'calling sign' on whatever might be below them! KS

Nanook said...

Another vote for a Coral tree. (I wonder if it's the one that's been moved [at least] twice-? I see both the cities of LA & Santa Monica still have them planted in the landscaped median along San Vicente Blvd starting at the WLA VA, all the way to Ocean Ave. They routinely were taxed beyond God's intention during heavy rains/windstorms; but yet they remain in place.

Lou and Sue said...

Though those empty strollers are an annoying tripping hazard in front of the Tiki Room, they are a sign of good parenting.
It means that the parents did not leave their little ones outside unattended—but are, instead, raising them to hear and enjoy our beloved attraction. Essential to becoming a well-rounded future-Jr.-Gorilla.

“In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room…”

Melissa said...

At first I thought the girl in the leather coat was Linda, but then I remembered her hair was darker and flatter. This must be Linda's sister Brenda.